Hi there, I’m Mary! 

Nice to meet ya. 🙂 I’m a digital nomad copywriter with a perpetual case of wanderlust.

Friends joke that my phone number is always changing and I can’t stay in one place for too long. True story. I’ve been working remotely for the past four years, and during that time, have lived and worked from Encinitas, California; Delray Beach, Florida; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Medellin, Colombia; Florianopolis, Brazil Brazil; Barcelona, Spain; and now, Mallorca, Spain. 

See? This wanderlust thing is for real. 

While I’ve been copywriting for several years, I’ve only recently transitioned into freelance.

Why freelance?

I realize that freelancing comes with its own set of challenges, but I want the freedom to work for myself. To call the shots and not have to work a set number of hours per day. To get paid by the outcome and not by the hour. 

I’ve already learned SO much during this transition and would like to share everything I learn about freelance copywriting here.

Do I know everything there is to know about freelance copywriting? No and I’m not going to pretend to try. There’s still a lot to be learned. BUT I plan on sharing everything I learn with you so you can: 

  • avoid the mistakes that I make
  • get the skills you need to become a successful freelance copywriter
  • land high-paying clients
  • and eventually…become a digital nomad and travel the world like a local (should you so desire!) 

If you have any questions at all or tips you’d like to share with me, I’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to comment, reach out or engage in the forum.

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  1. Literally just found your blog….. and i see the latest post where it says YOU’RE FUCKIN LEAVING BRAZIL OMG 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I’m going to follow your journey… expect many comments from me <3 take care. e qual o seu nome????

  2. HI… at one moment sorry´s, my english is bad rsrsrsr i see your blog on a says your vision of brazil – I fear that too Brazilians should also read your blog because many of your points of view serve to evolve consientemente Brazilians, many customs we have today are harmful to the development of our country. Thank you for sharing your experiences, excellent blog

  3. Você realmente gostou do Brasil. Indico a você conhecer o litoral da Bahia, onde moro. E o estado do Pará, na Amazônia, onde morava. São também lugares lindíssimos! 🙂 Abraços!!!

  4. Mary!

    Eu concordo com tudo que voce escrevou em seu blog. Tambem sou uma gringa e passei Febrero enteiro em Brasil esse ano. Agora ainda esto namorando com uma Carioca e vou voltar pra ver ele de novo em Novembro. Quero muito morar no Brasil, e mais no Rio, mas agora tenho um trabalho que paga bom em EUA. É dificil decidir o que quero mais, mas muita obrigada por suas palavras. Eu me identifico com tudo o que você disse sobre o Brasil e não pode esperar para voltar. Beijos!

    p.s. ^amo as respostas das brasileiros falando em inglês. Muito fofo 🙂

  5. Hey,

    Just found your blog saying about Rio and brazilians. Liked ur point of view, but disagree in most saying about “brazilian players” hahaha. Anyway, nice to read about your experience in our small piece of paradise.

    Bruno F.

  6. Oi Mari, Eu adorei o que vc escreveu sobre o Brasil e os Brasileiros, espero que vc esteje bem e aproveitando o verão em Mallorca. saudades, Beijos. Iccaro.

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