You’re here because you…

✔️Know what makes your brand unique but are struggling to put it into words
✔️Aren’t entirely sure who your target audience is (or you think EVERYONE is your target)
✔️Aren’t sure what differentiates your brand from the competition
✔️Know how to write well but don’t have the time to spend on it
✔️Are tired of working with unreliable freelancers who commit to a project and then suddenly fall off the face of the earth

Sound about right?

I hear ya (loud and clear).

Writing effective copy is NOT easy. And working with freelancers?

A shot in the dark.

You don’t know the quality of work they’ll produce or if they’ll suddenly vanish into thin air.

That’s where I snap my fingers and produce killer sales copy (tah dah!)

Kidding. Although that would be nice to have a copywriting superpower.

BUT you do get the next best thing:

  1. A gal professional mind-reader that digs DEEP until she knows your brand and customers inside and out (and is able to get inside their heads, think like them, and speak their language).

2.Carefully crafted, data-driven copy (with a dash of ZING!). But not just any ol’ “let’s throw it at a wall and see what sticks” copy.

Copy that WORKS. Because it…

✔️Speaks your customers’ language (uses the words that THEY use)

✔️Responds to your prospects’ deepest fears and desires

✔️Is based on psychology, data and PROVEN formulas

✔️Skips the clichés and overused phrases

Oh but before we go any further, you should probably know…

I write exclusively for brands with a pulse.

Aka HUMAN, forward-thinking, positive-impacting brands that aim to (cue cheeseball moment) improve the lives of their customers and make the world a better place.

Let’s put it this way: you won’t find me writing for Marlboro or Coca Cola anytime soon ever. #Sorrynotsorry

Sound like your brand? Awesome. Keep reading…

Some fun facts about me (and why you should care)

1. I got my Masters in Global Communications from the American University of Paris.

No, I’m not saying that to show off some fancy schmancy degree (that, let’s be honest, nobody really cares about).

My point is this: I KNOW how to communicate (Iet’s hope so anyway or that communications degree was a whole lot of money down the drain).

In other words, no flakiness or disappearing acts here.

2. I’m one of those so-called “digital nomads”.

Been working and traveling around the world for the past four years.

So whatever time zone you’re in, I can adapt. Easy peasy.

3. I’ve got 4 years of marketing experience under my belt.

Before going freelance, I worked for nearly four years in content marketing/copywriting for a U.S. digital agency.

I’m not a writer turned copywriter. I’m a marketer turned copywriter. So I don’t just spit words onto a page…I KNOW what it takes to sell.

On that note…

4. I LOVE learning about the inner workings of the human brain and what makes people tick.

Hell, I even write about it sometimes:

Psychological Pricing: 17 Techniques to Maximize Your Sales

14 Psychological Triggers That Will Win Over Customers and Increase Your Sales

What the Book Predictably Irrational Can Teach You About Marketing

So you’ll get psychology-based copy that (yup, you guessed it) SELLS.

5. My work has been published all over the world wide web.

Like Ecwid, Bootstrapping eCommerce, Mention, VWO and MailerLite, to name a few.

That should give me a lil’ credibility, right?

6. I have a travel/copywriting blog, aimed at helping other people become digital nomad copywriters.

So you’re getting a PASSION-INFUSED copywriter (I love to write so much, I even do it in my own free time.)

7. I’m probably the most honest person you’ll ever meet.

Sometimes too honest…

Years ago, I thought I wanted to work in the film industry (ha!).

I got invited to a second in-person interview by one of the top talent agencies, United Talent Agency (yay!).

So I packed my bags and flew out to Los Angeles (all the way from Florida).

Interview day comes and I’m nervous. Like…really nervous. I had read about how the head of HR (let’s call him John) was a brutal interviewer.

But after I met John and we started talking, I started to relax a bit. This wasn’t so bad.

Conversation was flowing. All was going well (or so I thought). Until the end of the interview when John asked me some cliched interview question which I don’t even remember.

My response? I talked about my experience doing tongue therapy as a teenager.

Yes, you read that right: TONGUE THERAPY. Of all things.

Needless to say, I did NOT make it to the next round of interviews.

And so ended my career in the film industry.

Kidding. I DID try it out for a few months until I quickly realized it wasn’t my cup of tea (as much fun as the idea of angry producers and talent agents screaming at me all day long sounded…).

Moral of the story? You’ll work with someone that’s GENUINE and honest to the core.

8. I have a slight obsession with Brazil.

True story: I even had a blog titled (

To this day, I’m obsessed with everything about the country (minus the corruption, violence and other not-so-fun stuff).

You’ll probably only care about that if you’re Brazilian or you like Brazil too…

But in case you DO care, here’s a photo of me in Bahia, Brazil for keepsakes:

Got wanderlust yet?

Ok sorry, no more Brazil talk.

9. My motto in life: Never stop learning

When I’m not obsessing about Brazil, I’m reading, listening to podcasts and taking courses to hone my craft.

So you’ll get a copywriter that: a) WELCOMES feedback (no know-it-all attitude here) and b) is continually learning and improving to make sure that you get the best BANG for your buck.

10. When I go in, I go ALL in.

Meaning that if we work together, I’ll commit 110%. I’ll most likely think about your project while jogging, in the shower, on walks…you get the idea.

Translation: No half-baked copy here.

11. I’m a bit of a perfectionist

Actually scratch that. I’m a massive perfectionist (it’s a problem, really).

Let me give you an example: I recently had a client who asked me to replace some placeholder copy on his homepage and write a 300-word About page.

Since there wasn’t much copy to be written and a lot of the work was already done (layout, wireframes etc), I estimated the project would take me approximately 7-8 hours. And I charged him just $600 for everything.

In the end, that project took me OVER 20 HOURS. Woops.

Many other copywriters might have rushed through the project to get it done as soon as possible.

Not me. Call me a slowpoke, but I like to take my time (even if I invest SO much time that I end up making a pitiful $20/hour).

You see, once I finish the first draft, I go through a (somewhat obsessive) merry-go-round of revisions.

First, I edit several times. I’ll come back to the copy the next day and optimize some more. Then I’ll sit on it for a few days…and with a fresh set of eyes, revisit the copy yet AGAIN.

I continue to do that until the copy meets my standards of perfection. Only then do I get off that merry-go-round and hand in my final draft.

So if you hire me, you’ll get your money’s worth...guaranteed.

Ok, we’ve talked enough about me.

Now…back to YOU

Are you ready to start hypnotizing your prospects with MEMORABLE, data-driven copy that speaks their lingo…and makes the sale (over and over again)?

If so, let’s schedule a discovery call (promise I won’t talk about tongue therapy).

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