Book My Day (aka The Copy 180)

When you book my day, you’ll get my brain (and years of experience) focused 100% on YOUR copy and brand for a full 7 hours.

I’ll help you transform your messaging and take it from… 

  • Unintentional to intentional
  • Clichéd to unexpected
  • Forgettable to sticky
  • Blah to money-making

It’s perfect if…

  • You’ve got some copy already…but you wanna optimize the heck out of it
  • You’ve done the research…you just need someone to put the pieces of the puzzle together  
  • You wanna improve your copy PRONTO but don’t have the budget (or the time to wait) for a full copy makeover
  • You’re eyeing a few of my services and want a lil’ taste of everything

“So what can you DO in 7 hours anyway?”

A LOT. For example, you could get…

  • Product descriptions (I craft 5-7 product descriptions from scratch or optimize 8-10 product descriptions already written)
  • Punchy emails (I craft 4-5 targeted emails from scratch OR optimize 7-9 emails already written)
  • Website polish (I spice up the copy for 2-3 pages of your website)
  • Website audit (I go through your website and give you my recommendations)

Orrrr you could combine the services and get say…1-2 punchy emails + a website polish…or 3-4 product descriptions + a website audit for several pages of your site.

My day is YOURS, so you call the shots.

How’s it work?

We talk business

First, we’ll jump on a call, so I can get a feel for your brand, audience and what you’re hoping to accomplish. 

You sign the proposal

If it sounds like The Copy 180 is what you need, I’ll send over a proposal with a schedule of the day and an outline of what I’m planning to get done. 

You fill out a questionnaire

Once you sign the proposal, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me gain a better understanding of your brand and audience. You’ll need to send it back to me by 5PM ET two days before The Copy 180 (so I have some time to prepare).

We jump on a 30-minute kickoff call

The day before the The Copy 180, we’ll jump on a brief call to review the questionnaire and go over any follow-up questions I have before diving in.

I write (while you sit back and relax)

Your day is here! For five hours, my fast-typing fingers and perfectionist brain will get to work and won’t stop until your copy goes from so-so to WOW.

You review (and I edit)

On the sixth hour, I’ll send you my work in a Google doc, so it’s easy peasy for you to review, edit and comment. Then I’ll make the edits.

We regroup

On the seventh and final hour, we’ll go over the doc together and I’ll live-edit the copy based on your feedback.

And voila! You walk away with high-converting copy (or copy recommendations) that reel in the big bucks.

In case you’re wondering…

 1. What deliverables can you promise me?

As much copy as I can get done in one day. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to write your entire homepage or email sequence. But I DO promise to devote my entire day to your copy…and nothing else.

2. I’m starting from scratch…should I book your day?

Probably not. ‘Cause unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in my day to do extensive research and write killer copy. So The Copy 180 is best if you’ve got some data I can work with or you need me to polish up copy you already have.

3. Isn’t that, like, stressful to work against the clock?

It can be if you aren’t prepared! But that’s why we do the prep work beforehand. So by the time your day rolls around, I’ll have already had plenty of time to think about the project…and will be ready to put those thoughts into action.