Raise your hand if you (or your team members)…

🙁Know your brand’s unique selling proposition but struggle to put it into words

🙁Can’t rid yourself of the formal, stiffer-than-bricks language you’re used to writing in (even though you KNOW that’s not the way your audience talks)

🙁Find yourself with leads that are more confused than ever about your offerings–or worse, no leads at all!

If you’re nodding along to any of that, then NEWS FLASH: You’re in need of the Go-To Brand Messaging Guide.

Time to crystallize your message.

So what IS the Go-To Brand Messaging Guide anyway?

Think of it as the foundation of your messaging. It’ll help define your brand identity and clarify your message across ALL touchpoints: your website, social media and every piece of marketing material you create in the future.

Here’s just a sliver of what’s included in the guide:

One client’s reaction to the last messaging guide I created? “Wow, you’re good at this…you’re able to put into words what we’ve never been able to.”

It’ll come in handy if…

How’s it work?

  1. I’ll interview members of your team until I know your brand inside and out.
  2. I’ll do my own research until I know your audience inside and out.
  3. I’ll get to work, crafting the messaging blueprint.
  4. I’ll send you the first draft for review.
  5. You’ll get back to me with (unlimited) revisions
  6. I’ll compile everything into a custom-designed PDF that’ll become your team’s GO-TO guide for all things messaging-related.

So whatdya say? Ready to turn those muddled thoughts into clearer-than-crystal messaging?


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