Want an extra set of (expert) eyes on that copy of yours? Book...

The Copy 180

...and you'll get all the feedback you need to rake in the big bucks

DIY it...the *right* way

Perhaps you don’t have thousands of $ to shell out on a launch or website package…or hell, a copywriting course. 

Or maybe you just prefer to DIY cause you actually *enjoy* writing copy (join the club!). 

If that’s the case, I’ve got good news for ya: An extra set of (expert) eyes can make *all* the difference. 

So if you find yourself thinking…

I feel like my copy isn’t striking a chord with my audience.

Why was my conversion rate so darn low? 

I really need an expert’s perspective on this…

…The Copy 180 is what you need.

I’ll get out my magnifying glass and scrutinize every inch of your copy to find out what’s working…and what’s not. 

Then I’ll get back to you with specific suggestions on how to  make your copy convert like a madwoman. I’ll also explain *why* your copy is or isn’t performing (think of it like a free consulting sesh + copy critique, rolled into one…you’re welcome). 

"But...are you *really* an expert?"

Let’s put it this way: I’ve been trained by the world’s best copywriters. I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying the art and science of high-converting copy. And I’ve gotten (and continue to get) my *own* copy critiqued by top copywriters. 

So…I’d like to think so! 

My feedback has *even* helped other copywriters...

Mary offered fantastic insights into my sales page. She helped me clarify my messaging and optimize my page for better conversions. As a copywriter myself, I understand the value of getting a second pair of eyes on any offer. What I didn’t expect to discover was that elements of my own copy didn’t relay the value of my offer as succinctly as I hoped. This has been a hugely valuable experience for me and I recommend Mary’s evaluation to anyone looking to launch or boost conversions - even if you are a copywriter.
Abi Prendergast
Creative Copywriter & SEO Content Marketing Strategist

Go from "Damn those crickets are loud" to "Turn off the Stripe notifications already!"

So you wanna know *how* we make all that goodness happen? 

  1. First, we jump on a 30-minute Zoom call, so I can learn more about your audience and offer.

2. I dissect your copy and identify ALL areas of improvement. I’ll perform Joanna Weibe’s “Seven Sweeps,” reviewing your copy for:

    1. Clarity
    2. Voice & tone
    3. “So what”
    4. “Prove it” (credibility) 
    5. Specificity
    6. Emotion
    7. Zero risk

3. I compile my high-converting feedback into a Google Sheets doc and create a Loom video for you, walking you through each suggestion and next action steps (may or may not be wearing PJs in said video…but you’ll never notice the difference). 

4. You review and get back to me with any questions. 

If my suggestions *don't* help, you get your money back

(But I’m pretty sure you won’t need it.)

"...her feedback was absolutely spot on!"

I contacted Mary to undertake an audit of my sales page and her feedback was absolutely spot on! There was no way that our initial copy was going to convert to the types of sales numbers that our amazing workshop deserved. Well written copywriting is crucial so I highly recommend that you employ Mary to do what she does best so that your products/service sales pages convert to sales.