Want expert eyes on your sales copy?

In the 15-minutes Sales Copy Turnaround, I'll review your copy and tell you what you need to do to convert MORE unsure leads into happy customers.

(I really mean it when I say "expert"...)

10X Sales Pages

Writing sales copy ? Not as easy as it sounds...

You could hire a copywriter of course. But that’s expensive. To invest thousands of dollars in someone when you don’t even *know* if they’ll get the job done right…that’s a big risk. 

That’s why I offer the 15-minute Sales Copy Turnaround. In this copy critique, I’ll review your sales copy (sales page, landing page, website or email sequence) and tell you what you need to do to make buying a no-brainer. 

And the (second) best part? It only costs $47. 

Get conversion-focused insights

I’ll record a 15-minute Loom video for ya walking you through my feedback, along with an email summing up my main suggestions.

You’ll get feedback on: 

  • The messaging framework and structure of the page (or email) 
  • Persuasion techniques 
  • Copywriting (and the words you use) 
  • Formatting 

On a time crunch? I gotcha covered, boo.

Here’s how it works: 

1. You fill out the form below (and gimme a link to your copy). 

2. I review the copy and send you a Loom video with my feedback* within 24 hours.

3. You implement my changes…and watch your conversions go through the roof. 

Easy, right?

Wanna see how it's done?
Here's a lil' sample...

Prefer a FULL review of your sales copy?

Then you’ll want to book The Copy 180, where you’ll get an encyclopedia-like review of your copy (sans time limit).  

PLUS I’ll compile all my feedback and next steps into a Google Sheets sheet for ya, so it’s easy peasy for you to review. 

"This has been a hugely valuable experience for me"

Mary offered fantastic insights into my sales page. She helped me clarify my messaging and optimize my page for better conversions. As a copywriter myself, I understand the value of getting a second pair of eyes on any offer. What I didn’t expect to discover was that elements of my own copy didn’t relay the value of my offer as succinctly as I hoped. This has been a hugely valuable experience for me and I recommend Mary’s evaluation to anyone looking to launch or boost conversions - even if you are a copywriter.