Shuffle off that big 'ol launchy burden

…with the Full Launch Funnel 

(done for you from start to finish) 

10X Sales Pages

That DIY thing? Not all it's cracked up to be

‘Cause before you pop the bottles of Don Pérignon to celebrate the launch of your amazing new course (yay!), there’s a LOT of work to be done. 

Liiiikee…the landing page (and thank-you page) for your launch trigger. The sales and confirmation email sequence. The pre-launch email sequence. The launch email sequence. The sales email sequence. The closing email sequence. And let’s not forget about the 5,000-word sales page! 

Sure you could carve out the time and do all that yourself. But you aren’t a copywriter. And somehow whenever you try to string words together, you end up spitting out the same old shiz that everyone else says. The copy you write just isn’t striking a chord with your readers. 

Plus, the idea of asking your audience to open their wallets makes you feel all…yucky inside (umm there’s a reason you didn’t get into sales!). 

Thing is, you know that launch copy and strategy can mean the difference between…

…sales in the single digits

….and streams of happy customers (and more referrals). 

That it can mean the difference between you…

…sitting at your desk, pulling your hair out as you try to recap what. went. wrong. 

…and lounging on the beach in Mexico with your fam while you gleefully listen to a stream of Stripe notifications roll in. 

So how can you get copy that results in more vacays, less work and a fatter bank account (aka that passive income lifestyle you always dreamed about)? 

It’s simple: Hire me.

Put your last launch numbers to shame

I’ll craft empathy-driven copy based on conversion copy techniques. 

Copy that addresses your prospects’ deepest hesitations and fears and convinces them that your course is worth every dollar. 

Hyper specific copy that speaks your readers’ language and makes them think “wow, this person GETS me.” 

Copy that sells the transformation rather than your product.

Meanwhile, YOU can skip the guesswork and stop swiping email templates from your competitors, wondering if they’ll get the job done. 

And instead, focus on things like…

» Planning your webinar (and showing up on camera relaxed and sans stress pimples)

» Adding even more awesome nuggets to your course that your customers will love you for

» Binge-watching the latest Netflix series with a glass of Malbec (100% guilt-free) 

In other words, you can shuffle off that big ol’ launchy burden and put your energy towards the things that YOU do best (hey, binge-watching counts!).

And sleep at night knowing that your launch is in good hands and that investment you’ve made is gonna pay off. Big time. 

The full launch funnel package

Get launch copy that brings home the Benjamins

Here’s what’s included in the Full Launch Copy & Strategy package: 

Research & planning

Brand Questionnaire

Once we hit the GO button, you’ll receive a questionnaire that’ll help me understand everything about you and your biz, your offer, your ICA and your marketing. 

Two 60-minute calls with you

Ready for a lil’ interrogation? We’ll kick things off with two 60-minute Zoom calls, where I’ll ask you a LOT of questions (and you’ll give me insightful answers).

3 customer interviews

Before putting pen to paper, I’ll also interview your customers to find out their deepest desires, motivations, hesitations and pain points. I’ll jot down the words they use and the way they speak, so I can later craft copy that speaks directly to THEM.

Data mining

I’ll dig through all the data you can provide me with (Instagram convos, heatmaps, customer support requests…you name it). 

Review & forum mining

I’ll also hunt for reviews that your ideal customers have left for *other* products (Amazon is an absolute GOLD mine for this). I’ll browse through forums and groups they’re in to get a feel for their day-to-day struggles and aspirations.

Competitor analysis

This is where I do a lil’ spying on your competitors to find out what they’re doing right and what you can do even *better*. 

Research & planning

Research synthesis report

Only wayyyy much more exciting than that report you did for your 11th grade AP History class.

This baby pulls together all the main takeaways from the research I’ve done–so you know exactly what’s going through your customers’ minds before, during and after their purchase decision. 

Lotsa copy

Landing page + thank-you page

I’ll craft the landing page copy for your webinar or challenge to get your prospects all pumped up about what’s to come. 

And let’s not forget about the thank-you page (aka the  perfect opportunity to…ask your readers a question or excite them about what’s next). 

Email funnel map & sequence

You’ll get up to 15 fun-to-read emails, from segmentation and confirmation to post-purchase followup. Emails that’ll get your recipients nodding their heads and scrambling to click that buy button.

Long-form sales page

How long? As long as it needs to be! Somewhere between 1,500 -9,000 words, but most likely around 5,000. You can expect copy that captures your readers’ attention right off the bat and then converts those curious visitors into blissed out buyers. 

Post-purchase page

I’ll also craft a post-purchase page (with a thank-you, upsell or next steps). 

Facebook ad copy

You’ll get copy for four  Facebook ads: Two ads for retargeting, to get in front of those tentative visitors who haven’t yet smashed the “Buy” button.

And two ads for cold leads to get them to sign up for your webinar, challenge, checklist or what-have-you.  

Support & optimization

Video walk-through

Don’t worry. I’m not just gonna hand you a Google doc and peace out. I’ll also send you a Loom, walking you through each piece of copy, so you understand the reasoning behind it all. 

Launch support

Message me ANYtime during launch week. I’ll be there. 

Launch debrief

We’ll unpack your launch to find out what worked well and what could be improved upon the next time around. ‘Cause let’s be honest: there’s always room for more sales.

Unlimited revisions

I offer unlimited revisions as well, so if you aren’t *ecstatic* with the copy, I’ll revise until you are. 

How I write that "wowza" copy​

Take a look at my four-step process to success. 

1. Voice-of-customer research

I’ll start by interviewing you and your customers. Then, I’ll comb through your existing data, spy on your competitors and do some more research of my own (like…reviewing customer support emails, chat logs, forums, customer reviews…the whole nine yards). 

2. Copy

With data and research in hand, I’ll get to work crafting the emails, sales page and ad copy for your launch. Copy that speaks your readers’ lingo and gets them READY to buy your course.

3. Launch 

With all your copy in a Google doc ready to go, you or your VA just need to copy and paste. And then… schedule! Throughout the launch, I’ll be obsessively checking regularly monitoring results and there to answer any questions you have.

4. Debrief

We’ll jump on a call after the launch to go over your numbers. We’ll talk about what went well (and why) and what we could do even better next time around. 

"So...what happens if your copy like...sucks?

Welp, that’d be unfortunate. Butttt I don’t think that’ll happen (thanks to that wonderful thing called voice-of-customer research). 

Also, I offer two rounds of revisions of my copy, so if you aren’t OVER THE MOON with the first draft…I’ll revise till you are. 

So whatdya say? You ready to make your next launch your best one yet?