Money-Making Emails

When done right, email marketing has MASSIVE potential.

But when done wrong?

It’s a whole lot of money down the drain.

You need emails that:

√  Are short and sweet

√ Are conversational (like you’re talking to a good friend)

√ Have subject lines more attention-grabbing than a JLo concert

√ Engage the reader from the very first sentence (and then use the slippery slide technique to make sure they are so engrossed in your email that they just can’t. stop. reading.)

√ Have a single call to action (and one goal)

√ And...Use a bit of psychology to encourage your recipients to TAKE action.


I’ll write you emails that do all of the above (hellooooo conversions!).


See Money-Making Emails in Action


I recently crafted four Labor Day emails for one client that sells CBD products online.

Take a look at two of them: 


Subject line: Everything is 15% off

Subject line: Sale ends at midnight!

The four emails were sent to a total of 2,012 contacts and resulted in $1,260.19 in sales.

One purchase even came after the sale had ended! Full price > Sale price.

Also, this is a company that has JUST started with email marketing, so those numbers are only expected to grow.

This was the client’s reaction:

 See? Told ya my emails sell.


“Ok hotshot. What’s included in Money-Making Emails?” 

 Never thought you’d ask!

  • Questionnaire where you can tell me about your brand and audience
  • 30-60-minute phone call where we’ll go over the questionnaire and you can tell me about your email   marketing needs and what you’re hoping to accomplish
  •  Any additional research from my end
  • 5 emails: Email copy, subject line, preview text and any design direction as needed

5 Emails for $800