When done right, email marketing has MASSIVE potential.

But when done wrong?

It’s a whole lot of money down the drain.

You need emails that:

I’ll write you emails that do all of the above (hellooooo conversions!).

See Money-Making Emails in Action

I recently crafted four Labor Day emails for one client that sells CBD products online.

Take a look at two of them:

Subject line:  Everything is 15% off 🌿

Subject line: Sale ends at midnight! ⌛

The four emails were sent to a total of 2,012 contacts and resulted in $1,260.19 in sales.

One purchase even came after the sale had ended! Full price > Sale price.

Also, this is a company that has JUST started with email marketing, so those numbers are only expected to grow.

This was the client’s reaction:

See? Told ya my emails sell.

“Ok hotshot. What’s included in Money-Making Emails?”

✔️Questionnaire where you can tell me about your brand and audience

✔️30-60-minute phone call where we’ll go over the questionnaire and you can tell me about your email marketing needs and what you’re hoping to accomplish

✔️Any additional research from my end

✔️5 emails: Email copy, subject line, preview text and any design direction as needed

5 emails for $800

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