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Most paid ads specialists care about clicks. Not me. I care about conversions.

At the end of the day, the only thing that matters to me is this:

Are your clicks resulting in sales? 

If we partner together, I’ll craft an ROI-driven ad strategy and all the copy to go along with it. A research-driven strategy that results in qualified (key word here) clicks, leads and yup, sales. 

Then I’ll continually optimize the campaign, looking for ways that we can bring in even more qualified leads and sales. 

But talk is cheap. Rather than take my word for it, check out this case study on how I helped one client go from barely any leads… to so many leads and clients that he had to hire more people. 

"What happens if I hire you and you don't get me results?"

I can’t guarantee results (and any marketer that does is lying through their teeth). 

BUT thanks to my research-intensive process, most of my clients see serious ROI from their investment. 

Take it from Tom…

"Mary got us results beyond what anyone else could deliver and beyond our business' capacity to keep up"

We had used one marketing vendor and our own skills to attempt to generate a steady flow of a certain kind of lead. We were fairly unsuccessful. The vendor charged us almost $20,000 and delivered one lead. Our own efforts were more successful by far, but not consistent. Mary is very deliberate, professional, and methodical in her process. That process delivered unbelievable results for us where everything else had failed. Mary got us results beyond what anyone else could deliver and beyond our business' capacity to keep up; and that's just on the trial budget. We have more leads and more conversions than we'd frankly dreamed possible. I had a discussion with my partner today about expanding our hiring and taking on debt to meet the extra business. We signed about 15 new cases in one month. A great result would have been 3. A fantastic result would have been 5. These results are on track to change our business completely.
Tom Kayes
Civil Rights Lawyer

Sooo whatdya say? You ready to turn $1 into $3… or $10?

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