Sales Page Copywriting

Get ready for your conversion rate to SKYrocket outta medicore-ville

Done in 7 days or less 

You've got a killer product.
Now you just have to convince your audience it's worth it...

Writing a sales page is one of those things that seems easy…’til you do it. 

First, you’ve gotta get your audience to trust you. You’ve gotta find the *right* words to use. You know…the ones that’ll make your readers feel like they’re chatting with their best friend over mimosas. 

Then…you’ve gotta make the sale (NBD). 

But here’s the thing: Even if you get all the words right… haphazardly patching a sales page together based on some template you downloaded isn’t gonna get the job done. 

No, no. That sales page has gotta be way more than just convincing words.

It’s gotta use copywriting formulas and persuasion techniques. It has to be intentionally structured, with the messages on the page prioritized based on what’s most important to YOUR reader. 

In short, it’s gotta be…

...your *best* saleswoman in print

The question is: HOW do you create that kinda sales page? 

Well, it’s simple, really. You hire me. 

I’ll immerse myself into your brand. I’ll research your audience until I know them so well I start to think like them. I’ll stalk your competitors (in a non-sketchy way of course). 

And then, I’ll write you a sales page so persuasive that your leads will be JUMPING at the opportunity to buy from you. 

Added bonus? You can reuse the sales page copy for your launch emails or future copy. 

Warning: You get WAY more than just a sales page...

Here’s what’s included: 


Two 60-minute calls with you

Ready for a lil’ interrogation? We’ll kick things off with two 60-minute Zoom calls, where I’ll ask you a LOT of questions (and you’ll give me insightful answers). 

Data mining

I’ll dig through all the data you can provide me with (Instagram convos, heatmaps, customer support requests…you name it). 

Review & forum mining

I’ll also hunt for reviews that your ideal customers have left for *other* products (Amazon is an absolute GOLD mine for this). I’ll browse through forums and groups they’re in to get a feel for their day-to-day struggles and aspirations.

Competitor analysis

This is where I do a lil’ spying on your competitors to find out what they’re doing right and what you can do even *better*. 

Research synthesis report

Only wayyyy much more exciting than that report you did for your 11th grade AP History class.

This baby pulls together all the main takeaways from the research I’ve done–so you know exactly what’s going through your customers’ minds before, during and after their purchase decision. 

Copy & Wireframes

Sales page copy

You’ll get a Google doc with thousands of high-converting words in your prospects’ language. Words that’ll get them to say “HELL YES” to your offer. 


Video walk-through

I’ll send you a Loom video, walking you through the page, so you understand the reasoning behind it all. 

Two rounds of revisions

I offer two rounds of revisions as well, so if you aren’t *ecstatic* with the copy, I’ll revise until you are.