Your website is the face of your business and often the first impression that people have of your brand. So it’s GOT to be good.

Problem is…it’s not. The design might be alright, but the words aren’t resonating with your audience. And that’s costing you sales.

You need someone who will write sticky website copy that:

✔️is based on data, formulas and psychology (because this isn’t a darts game)

✔️highlights your brand’s unique selling proposition (so your website visitors know right off the bat what you’re offering and how you’re different from the competition)

✔️translates features into benefits, so your audience knows EXACTLY what’s in it for them

✔️responds to objections and hesitations (so buying will be a no-brainer)

✔️uses the language of your customers (so your website visitors won’t feel like a robot is talking to them or sit there wondering “huh? what’s that mean?”)

✔️seduces your readers more than Freddie Prinze Jr. in She’s All That

Included in Sticky Website Copy


✔️Up to 3 hours of interviews with members of your team, where I’ll find out everything I need to know about your brand (and then some)

✔️Questionnaire (for your team bios)

✔️Customer survey and up to 5 one-on-one customer interviews (I’ll even organize all the data afterwards for ya)

✔️Extensive data mining (where I’ll review all customer reviews and competitor reviews, along with Google Analytics, chat logs, and heat maps)

✔️User testing to find out if my copy resonates with your audience (and if it doesn’t, I change things up until it does)

✔️Competitor analysis


You’ll walk away with a custom designed PDF guide that you can pass around to team members (and anyone you work with in the future). Think of it as your go-to guide for all things messaging.


✔️Buyer persona characteristics & challenges

✔️Product features and benefits

✔️Product creation story (if relevant)

✔️Brand pillars (and proof)

✔️Unique selling proposition

✔️Brand story (based on the Storybrand framework)


✔️And much more


✔️A site map and wireframes (so your designers won’t have to guess what copy goes where)

✔️Any collaboration needed with your web designer or design agency


✔️Sticky, SEO website copy (that converts)

✔️Unlimited revisions up to one month after the final draft’s delivered

Pick your coffee-fueled copy

(Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like coffee?)

Espresso Frappé

Comes with:

  • Custom-designed messaging guide
  • Engaging, personality-driven copy for ALL pages of your site


Iced Latte

Comes with:

Custom-designed messaging guide

Engaging, personality-driven copy for 5 pages of your site



Comes with:

  • Custom-designed messaging guide
  • Engaging, personality-driven copy for 3 pages of your site


Don’t have the budget for ANY of that?

I got your back.

With the Go-to Brand Messaging Guide, I’ll translate your jumbled thoughts into coherent messaging. And you’ll get everything you and your team need to craft on-brand, benefits-oriented copy.

Prefer suggestions on quick fixes you can implement ASAP? The Website Copy Audit is what you need.

How it works

Ready to get down to business? Take a look at my eight-step process to success.

  1. 30-minute Discovery Call

First things first, I’ll quiz you to find out more about your project and goals to find out if we’re a good fit.

2. Proposal

If it turns out we ARE a match (woohoo!), I’ll send you a proposal with a quote, estimated timeline and deliverables.

3. Research

After you accept and sign the proposal, I’ll get to work.

Warning! I research a LOT. If you’re looking for a copywriter who cuts corners and skimps on research to get the job done, then I hate to break it to you, but I’m not your gal.

So how MUCH research?

First, I’ll send you a questionnaire, which will help me gain a better understanding of your brand and audience.

Then, I’ll interview you, your stakeholders and maybe even your customers.

I’ll also do a bit of data mining and check out customer reviews, competitor reviews, Google Analytics, chat logs, and heat maps, along with a deep-dive competitor analysis.

4. Go-To Brand Messaging Guide 

After all the research is compiled, I’ll pull everything into a Go-To Brand Messaging Guide, which will define things like your brand story, pillars, unique selling proposition, taglines, buyer personas and more.

5. Detailed website copy outline

Next, I’ll draft a detailed copy outline, which will outline the messaging and concepts for each page.

6. Complete website copy 

Now comes the fun part! Once you give me the green light, I’ll craft the copy for your website. Then, I’ll do usability testing until I’m 99% positive that copy I wrote will convert.

7. Wireframes and design direction

I’ll also create wireframes to guide your designer on what goes where, along with the best visuals to complement the copy.

8. Unlimited revisions

Not sure if you’re going to like the finished product? Don’t sweat it: I offer unlimited revisions for all three of my packages.

My goal is for you to be ECSTATIC with the finished product (and nothing less). Just like my previous clients…

Not convinced? See for yourself.

Recently, I planned, outlined and wrote all of the website copy (except for the About page) for StrongPath, a health and fitness app. The website was launched in July 23, 2020 and is still in progress, but here’s a quick look at some of what I’ve written.

For the Individuals page:

And for the First Responders page:

And below are a few product descriptions I wrote for the CBD company, DREEM Nutrition.

NOW you convinced?

Stop procrastinating, you.
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