Get high-converting launch copy DONE in 48 hours

with a Copy Intensive

10X Sales Pages

Don't have the time to wait for a looooong, drawn-out copy project?

Or maybe you’re on a tighter budget but still want an expert to help out with your copy. 

I gotchya, boo. 

When you book a Copy Intensive, you’ll get my 100 billion neurons (and years of experience) focused 100% on YOUR copy and brand for a full 7 hours

For one day, I’m devoted to your copy and *only* your copy. My calendar is blocked off. My cell phone goes on airplane mode. My inbox is closed for business. And the only browser window I have open is that Google doc I’m using to craft or edit your copy. 

But it doesn’t end there. 

I’ll revisit your copy over the next few days until I’m 100% confident it’s the best it can be (’cause this gal doesn’t like to rush through anything–and truly believes that editing can make *all* the difference). 

48 hours later, I’ll deliver the copy to you–fully optimized and ready to convert. 

"But...I have no idea who you are.
Why should I trust you?"

Fair question! So before we go any further, lemme introduce myself. 

I’m Mary. Launch copywriter for course-creators. Digital nomad. Avocado addict. 

So onto that *why you should trust me* part..

Well, I’ve been trained by the world’s best copywriters (thank you Joanna Wiebe and co!).

I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying the art and science of high-converting copy. 

And I’ve gotten (and continue to get) my *own* copy critiqued on the reg by the world’s top copywriters. 

My copy has gotten results like…

🤯 Double the average email open rate for a client’s launch 

🤯 8X the conversion rate for a client’s first launch 

🤯 Up landing page conversion rate to 15.12%, up from 5.13% from a previous copywriter (yup, that’s a 300% increase in conversions) 

"Ok, you seem trustworthy...
but what could you DO in just a day?"

A LOT. For example, I could…

Write a punchy email sequence (or optimize a bunch of emails that you’ve already written)

Create a Mini Go-to Brand Messaging Guide (to crystallize your message) 

Craft a high-converting wallet-opening sales page 

Orrr I could do a lil’ bit of everything! Say, 1-2 punchy emails, a sales page polish and an opt-in page. 

My day is YOURS, so you call the shots. 

For 7 hours (and then some), I'm all yours

We actually start a bit BEFORE your day (and end after). 

Here’s how it works…


1. You snag your spot

Click that pretty pink button below to get on my calendar ASAP.

2. You fill out a questionnaire 

After you make your purchase (hooray!), I’ll send you an email with a questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill out at least 48 hours before your day. I’ll also send you a link to my calendar where you can reserve a date.

One day before 

3. We meet in Zoom

The day before, we’ll meet in Zoom. I’ll present a proposed plan for your day and we’ll review the questionnaire together, going over any follow-up questions I have.

On your day 

4. I write (and you relax) 

My fast-typing fingers and perfectionist brain get to work, writing and perfecting your copy for 7 hours. 

I’ll check in with you throughout the day (and at the end) and keep you posted on how things are progressing. I’ll also ask you to stay on call in case any questions arise. 

48 hours later

5. We Q & A 

48 hours (and multiple rounds of edits) later, I’ll send you the freshly baked copy. Then we’ll jump on a 30-minute Q & A call, where we’ll go over the copy together and you can ask me any questions you have. 

But it doesn’t end there. I’ll revisit the copy several times over the next few days, until I feel 100% confident that the copy is Superbowl- conversion-optimized. 

Up to one week after

6. You email me with follow-up questions 

‘Cause you also get one week of full copy support *after* your day has finished.


Psst: You might not wanna wait. I only book 2 VIP days per month and spots fill up fast. 

Here's watchya get when you book a Copy Intensive

questionnaire that’ll help me dig DEEP and reaaaaally get to know your brand, so I can craft that high-converting copy (bonus: you can pass this off to anyone you work with in the future and save time on all that get-to-know you stuff) 

Mini Messaging Intensive where we’ll meet on Zoom to pin down your offer and messaging

7 hours of my uninterrupted, iPhone-free time (including Zoom calls)

Ready-to-convert, zero-fluff launch copy (as much as my fast-typing fingers will let me write in 48 hours)

 30-minute Q & A sesh where we’ll review the copy together (and you can ask me any questions you have) 

Continual optimization over a 3-day period (to make your copy the very best it can be before I hand it over) 

Oh! And in case you're wondering...

Before we start working together, I’ll let you know what I can realistically complete in a day. 

It can be! But that’s why I do the prep work beforehand. And give myself 48 hours to let the copy sit in my brain… and optimize. 

Not much! You can leave most of the heavy lifting to me. I *will* need you to: 

  • Fill out the questionnaire (the one I’ll send you after you buy your day) 
  • Jump on a few calls (before your day and 48 hours after it)
  • Be (at least semi) available throughout your day so I can shoot you any questions I have