Let’s nail down that messaging or perfect that launch copy of yours with a…

VIP Day 

(aka Be My Only Client Day) 

Raise your hand if you...

…have written your launch copy but want an extra set of expert eyes to review and optimize it before it’s sent to the masses

…need help mapping out your launch strategy (like what emails to send…and when) 

…have done the voice-of-customer research, but need to nail down your messaging 

…wanna improve your copy PRONTO but don’t have the budget (or the time to wait) for a Full Launch Copy & Strategy package. 

Check any (or all) of those boxes? 

You’re in luck, my friend. 

When you book my day, you’ll get copy that goes from…

→ Tired and clichéd to “WHOA–I didn’t see that coming” 
→ Flavorless to delightful
→ Loss-making to moolah-making 

Yup, all that…delivered within the span of 7 hours. 

It's all about...YOU (and your copy)

Ya see, when you book my day, you’ll get my 100 billion neurons (and years of experience) focused 100% on YOUR copy and brand for a full 7 hours. 

My cell phone goes on airplane mode. My calendar is blocked off. My inbox is closed for business. And the only browser window I have open is that Google doc I’m using to craft or edit your copy. 

For one day, you’re my only client…and nothing else exists (so romantic, right?!). 

Former clients have *raved* about my work (and I'm pretty sure you will too)

For 7 hours (and then some), I'm all yours

So it’s called a “VIP Day,” but we actually start BEFORE your day and finish a week or so after. Here’s how it generally works…

1. We Zoom it up 

First, we’ll jump on a Zoom call. I’ll cross examine you to get a better understanding of your brand, ideal prospects and what you’re hoping to achieve. 

2. You sign the proposal

If it sounds like a VIP Day is what you need (yay!), I’ll send over a proposal with a schedule of the day and an outline of what I’m planning to get done.

3. You fill out a questionnaire 

Once you sign the proposal, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me get to know your brand and audience even BETTER. You’ll need to send it back to me by 5PM ET two days before your VIP Day (so I have some time to prepare).

4. We review 

The day before your VIP Day, we’ll jump on a brief call to review the questionnaire and go over any follow-up questions I have before diving in.

5. I write (and you relax) 

Your day is here! My fast-typing fingers and perfectionist brain will get to work and won’t stop until your copy goes from so-so to WOW.

Note that I will hold onto the copy for 5 days, so I can edit and optimize (and give you the best copy possible). If it’s just a copy review, you’ll get my feedback by EOD. 

6. I’ll send you a Loom 

5 days later, I’ll send you my edited-to-perfection copy in a Google doc, so it’s easy peasy for you to review, edit and comment. I’ll also send you a detailed Loom video walking you through the copy and my thought process. 

7. You edit

Then, you’ll give me your feedback…and I’ll make the edits.

8. We Q & A 

We’ll jump on a 30-minute Q & A call, where you can ask me any questions about the copy. 

9. You paint the town red 

And voila! You walk away with high-converting copy (or copy recommendations) that reel in the big bucks.

"So what can you DO in a day anyway?"

A LOT. For example, I could…

  • Write a punchy email sequence (or optimize a bunch of emails that you’ve already written)
  • Create a Mini Go-to Brand Messaging Guide (to crystallize your message) 
  • Perfect your sales page
  • Craft a landing page (or two) 

Orrr I could do a lil’ bit of everything! Say, 1-2 punchy emails, a sales page polish and an opt-in page. 

My day is YOURS, so you call the shots. 

Oh! And in case you're wondering...

As much copy as I can get done in one day. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to write your entire sales page or email sequence. But I DO promise to devote my entire day to your copy…and nothing else.

Probs not, sweet cakes. ‘Cause unfortunately, there just aren’t enough hours in my day to do extensive research and write killer copy. So a VIP Day is best if you’ve got some data I can work with or you need me to polish up copy you already have.

Yup. That’s why I don’t finish the copy in a day (and do the prep work beforehand). I like to give myself a few extra days (five to be exact) to review and edit the copy before handing it over to you for review. That way, I don’t feel rushed and you can rest assured that you’re getting my best work. Win win.