Well hello there! I’m Mary. 


Conversion copywriter. 

Self-confessed coffee snob. 

Pleased to meet ya! 

(This is the part where we shake hands and I give you my elevator pitch…)

I help growing businesses bring in more qualified leads and customers with high-converting Google Ads funnels and empathy-driven messaging. 

Messaging that relies on voice-of-customer data, persuasion techniques and psychology to inspire even the most skeptical prospects to take action.

Andddd here’s where I snap my fingers and produce killer sales copy (tah dah!)

Kidding. Unfortunately I don’t have a copywriting superpower.

But if we work together, I WILL delve Challenger-Deep until I know your brand and customers inside and out (and am able to get inside their heads, think like them, and speak their lingo). 

Then I’ll craft empathy-driven copy that hooks readers’ attention from the get-go — and has them nodding their heads all the way down the page. 

Copy that: 

+ Speaks your customers’ language (uses the words and phrases that THEY use)

+ Responds to your prospects’ deepest pain points, fears, hesitations and desires

+ Relies on persuasion techniques (so that on-the-fence prospects feel compelled to take the next step) 

+ Results in more ROI for your business 

Now that’s kinda like a superpower, right?

11 (other) things about me (and why you should care)

1. I’m pretty good at making a case  

For a while, I seriously pondered the idea of law school. I even interned at the Legal Aid Society in NYC the summer after my freshman year of college.

I thought of becoming a criminal defense attorney. ‘Cause nothing gets me more riled up than injustice. Plus, I’ve always been pretty good at making a case (or so I’ve been told).  

And I’d love to make a convincing case for *your* business and offer. 

2. I’m also good at communicating (I’ve even got a Master’s in it) 

So I didn’t go to law school in the end. But I did get my Master’s in Global Communications from the American University of Paris. 

And no…I’m not trying to show off some fancy degree (that, let’s be honest, you probably don’t care much about).

My point is this: I know how to communicate with your audience (and get the sale). 

3. Work + travel is my jam

I’ve been living in Barcelona Spain for the last 5+ years. But don’t worry — all of my clients are based in ET or PT. So whatever timezone you’re in, we’ll make it work. 

4. I hate the status quo 

I don’t believe that people *need* to have three kids and a white-picket fence to be happy. I like to work with people who share my open-minded spirit and aren’t afraid of being a lil’ different.

So if we work together, you’ll get go-against-the-grain copy that stands OUT from the sea of sameness. Memorable copy that sticks in your readers’ minds looong after they’ve read it. 

5. I’ve got 7+ years of marketing experience under my belt 

Before venturing out on my own, I worked for nearly 4 years in content marketing/copywriting for a U.S. digital agency. In other words, I’m not a writer turned copywriter. I’m a *marketer* turned copywriter.

Which brings me to my next point…

6. I LOVE learning about the inner workings of the human brain and what makes people tick

Hell, I’ve even written about it: 

11 psychological tactics you should use in your copywriting to get your readers to take action

So (at the risk of sounding like a broken record) you’ll get psychology-based copy that (yup, you guessed it) SELLS.

7. I’m prolly the most honest person you’ll ever meet 

Lemme give you an example…

Years ago, I thought I wanted to work in the film industry (doesn’t everyone change their minds about careers like seven times? Or was that just me?). 

I got invited to a second in-person interview by one of the top talent agencies, United Talent Agency. So I packed my bags and flew out to Los Angeles (all the way from South Florida).

Interview day comes and I’m nervous. Like…really nervous. I had read about how the head of HR (let’s call him John) was a brutal interviewer.

But after I met John and we started talking, I started to relax a bit. This wasn’t so bad.

Conversation was flowing. All was going well (or so I thought). Until the end of the 45-minute interview when John asked me some cliched interview question that I honestly don’t even remember.

My response? I talked about my experience doing tongue therapy as a teenager.

Yup, you read that right: TONGUE THERAPY. Of all things.

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to the next round of interviews. And so ended my career in the film industry.

JK. I did try it out for a few months until I quickly realized it wasn’t my cup of tea (as much fun as the idea of angry producers and talent agents cursing me out all day long sounded…).

TLDR; You’ll work with someone that’s genuine and honest to the core.

8. I’m brasileira no coraçao (Brazilian at heart) 

To this day, I’m obsessed with everything about Brasil (yup, spelled with an “s”). Minus the corruption, violence and other not-so-fun stuff. 

No joke. I even had a blog titled apaisonadapelobrasil.com (inlovewithbrazil.com). 

You’ll probably only care about that if you’re Brasileiro/a or you like Brasil too…But in case you DO care, here’s a photo of me in Bahia for keepsakes 

Got wanderlust yet? K sorry. No more Brasil talk. 

9. I’m *always* learning 

Really. I’ve spent the last 3.5 years studying the art and science of conversion copywriting and what makes people stick. And I’ve got precisely 233 pages of course notes and five badges to prove it (#nerdalert). 

In addition to taking Grade A notes that would have made my middle school teachers proud, I’ve spent a lotta time studying what works (and what doesn’t). And getting my copy critiqued by some of the world’s best copywriters. Like Joanna Wiebe, Amy Posner and Ry Schwartz. 

I’ve also spent far too many Saturdays reading (copywriting and psychology books…what else?).

So if we join forces, you’ll work with a copywriter who takes her job (and your ROI) seriously. 

10. When I go in, I go ALL in 

There’s a good chance that I’ll be thinking about your project while jogging, in the shower, at the grocery store… you get the idea.

Translation: No half-baked copy here.

11. I have a tendency to overdeliver 

Case in point: I once helped a client with an online course launch. For a fixed price, I promised her a set number of deliverables. Including a 5,000-word sales page and 15 emails. But no implementation. 

Well, I ended up delivering a (fluff-free) 10,000-word sales page. And 22 high-converting emails. 

And no, it’s not ’cause I just felt like doing more work. I did it because I realized that the additional copy was necessary in order for the launch to convert.  

But that’s not all…

My client’s VA set up the sales page and emails — and let’s just say they did not look good (side note: this is why you don’t hire a VA to design your sales page!). 

But the VA wasn’t available, so I went into the Kajabi backend myself and spent an additional 20+ hours optimizing the sales page and emails.

Many other copywriters might have just been like “meh, whatever.” Or only delivered the bare minimum. 

Not me. I will do whatever it takes to get you results —even if that means my hourly rate goes down to $50/hour. 

12. Revisions are my BFF 

Once I finish the first draft, I go through a (somewhat obsessive) merry-go-round of revisions.

First, I edit several times. I’ll go back to the copy the next day and optimize some more. Then I’ll sit on it for a few days…and with a fresh set of eyes, revisit the copy yet AGAIN.

I continue to do that until the copy meets my standards of perfection. Only then do I get off that merry-go-round and hand in my final draft.

So if you hire me, you’ll get your money’s worth…guaranteed.

Are we a match made in copy heaven?



👎You’re looking for the cheapest copywriter you can find.

If that’s the case, you’ll prolly have more luck on Upwork. But just remember: You get what you pay for.

👎You take weeks to respond.

I expect you to get back to me promptly. Otherwise, it’s next to impossible for me to do my job (sorry to be a meanie).  

👎You’re “too busy” to chat.

I’m gonna need to interview you (and ideally, your customers). So the “sorry I don’t have time” excuse ain’t gonna cut it.


👎You sell a product that I don’t believe in.

Heads up: I can’t help you if you promote things like plastic use or animal exploitation. #Sorrynotsorry

👍You know the importance of good copy—and are willing to invest in it.  

Smart thinking. You’ll save yourself a lotta frustration and hair-pulling moments down the road. 

👍You get back to me promptly  

It makes my job a gazillion times easier when I don’t have to hound you for a response or feedback.

👍You make yourself available. 

Raise your glass! We’re already THAT much closer to high-converting copy.


👍You’re doing something that truly makes the world a better place.  

Liiiiikee helping women who have been sexually harassed by their employers get justice. Or helping underprivileged women learn how to invest.

So… are you ready to bring in *more* leads and customers?

If so, let’s schedule a discovery call (promise I won’t talk about tongue therapy)!