Conversion Copy Intensive

Your conversion rate is about to SKYrocket outta mediocre-ville

Get a high-converting landing page or email sequence for your sales funnel.

Done in 7 days. 

10X Sales Pages

You've got a killer offer.
Now you just have to convince your audience to choose YOU over the competition

Which means you’ve gotta find the *right* words to use. The ones that’ll make your readers feel like they’re chatting with their best friend over mimosas. NOT being manipulated by that sleazy salesman from the Ford dealership. 

On top of that…

Your copy has to use persuasion techniques. It has to be intentionally structured, with the messages on the page prioritized based on what’s most important to YOUR reader. 

In short, it’s gotta be… 

Your best saleswoman in print

Question is: HOW do you craft that kind of copy? 

Well, it’s simple, really. You hire me (betchya didn’t see that one coming). 

I’ll immerse myself in your brand and offer. I’ll research your audience. And from there, I’ll craft copy so persuasive that your leads will be jumping at the opportunity to hire you. 


In just one week, you’ll walk away with a landing page (or email sequence) that: 

+ Is intentionally structured (so that the flow of the messages makes sense to your reader) 

+ Sells your readers on the benefits and outcomes of your offer

+ Digs into the “so what” of each point 

+ Is empathy-driven (so your readers feel like you truly GET them) 

Warning: You get WAY more than just conversion copy...

Here’s what’s included: 


Brand Questionnaire

Before we get started, I’ll send you a comprehensive brand questionnaire. Your answers will help me gain a better understanding of your brand, audience and goals. 

A Messaging Intensive

Ready for a lil’ interrogation? We’ll kick things off with a Zoom call or two, where I’ll ask you a LOT of questions (and you’ll give me insightful answers). 

Ready-to-convert copy

High-converting copy

You’ll get a Google doc with thousands of high-converting words in your prospects’ language. Words that’ll get them to say “HELL YES” to your offer.


Video walk-through

I’ll send you a Loom video, walking you through the copy, so you understand the reasoning behind it all. 

One round of revisions

You get one round of revisions included in this package but (spoiler alert): most of my clients don’t have many changes to make. 

Optional Add-ons

Three customer interviews

If you haven’t already, I can also interview three of your customers or clients to find out how they speak, along with their deepest pain points, hesitations and desires. 

Research synthesis report

Only wayyyy much more exciting than that report you did for your 11th grade AP History class.

This baby pulls together all the main takeaways from the research I’ve done–so you know exactly what’s going through your customers’ minds before, during and after they buy (or hire you). 

Wireframed copy (for landing pages)

I’ll create a wireframe of the copy that you can pass off to your designer (trust me, they will love you for it!).  

Starting at $3500 

Don't leave your copy up to guesswork

If you want to convert more cold traffic into paying customers…

If you want your paid ad campaign to pull in as many conversions as possible…

Then you need way more than just patched-together copy based on a few Chat GPT prompts. 

You need copy that resonates with your target audience. Woven in with persuasion techniques that convince on-the-fence prospects to take action. 

You could either spend the time *learning* the art and science of conversion copywriting and how to write high-converting copy…

OR you could hire a copywriter who has been through all the training and knows how it’s done. 

(Second option is way more appealing, dontchya think?)