The Copy Spruce-Up Week

Turn that blend of shoulder-shrugging blah into "YES! I need this"

Delivered in 7 days.

10X Sales Pages

Even if your copy is already "good," you're leaving money on the table

Your copy has gotta be better than “good.” It’s gotta be phe-nom-e-nal. 

Otherwise, you’re losing out on leads and customers. It’s that simple.  

If you want to create a personal connection with your audience (and get them to choose YOU over competitors), then your copy needs to be: 

  • Authentic (and sound like a real, live human — not a robot… or some sleazier-than-sleaze salesperson) 
  • Sticky (using not-seen-everyday words that grab your prospect’s attention from the get-go) 
  • Intentionally structured and formatted (so your message flows–and your readers feel like you GET them) 

And based on…

  • Conversion copy best practices (like varied sentence structure…the Rule of One…eye-catching crossheads) 
  • Psychological tactics (like future pacing, serial positioning, bizarreness effect…) 
  • Data & voice-of-customer research (so it speaks to your customers’ deepest desires, pain-points and hesitations in the buying process) 

Now that’s a tall order right there.

Turn your copy into a (lean, mean) selling machine

With the Copy Spruce-Up, I’ll comb through your copy and: 

✔️ Restructure the messages on the page (if needed)– so that your reader feels like they’re having a natural conversation with you (and they feel understood) 

✔️ Make the copy hyper specific and sticky (so your offer stays on your prospect’s mind looooong after they’ve read your copy) 

✔️ Make the crossheads attention-grabbing (so they grab even the most distracted readers) 

✔️ Remove the fluff (and make sure that each line of copy is moving readers to the “YES”) 

✔️ Simplify and clarify the copy (if needed), so that it’s easy-peasy for your readers to understand 


✔️ Add persuasive elements that’ll convince your readers your offer is worth every dollar (and then some) 

✔️ Optimize (or add) those risk-reducers. So on-the-fence prospects will be convinced to take action

✔️ Swap those “Sign up” CTAs for words that actually make the reader WANT to click 

✔️ Ensure that the messaging matches your prospect’s expectations (depending on where they’re coming from) 

✔️ Turn your offer into something your prospects simply can’t say no to

You’ll walk away with copy that resonates with your ideal audience and turns your offer into a MUST-have. 

BTW... former clients have *raved* about my work (and I'm pretty sure you will too)

MARY! You killed it!! The edits you made were perfect! I am so happy with the current state. It reads so nicely, and you've added so much character to my old, boring copy. I actually do not have any additional feedback. I want to get this on the test site ASAP 🙂
Jake Agnew
CEO & Founder of Skincare Hero

Here's watchya get when you book a Copy Spruce-Up Week

✔️A questionnaire that’ll help me dig DEEP and reaaaaally get to know your brand or law firm, so I can craft that high-converting copy (bonus: you can pass this off to anyone you work with in the future and save time on all that get-to-know you stuff) 

✔️A Mini Messaging Intensive where we’ll meet on Zoom to pin down your offer and messaging 

✔️Ready-to-convert, zero-fluff conversion copy 

✔️ 30-minute Q & A sesh where we review the perked-up copy & next steps (and you can ask me any questions you have) 

"Ok so what can you spruce up in a week anyway?"

An email sequence for your sales funnel

A long-form landing page that takes your prospects from “meh maybe” to “HELL YES” 

3 pages of your website (to help you attract those perfect fit customers or clients) 

Send over your copy and I’ll let you know exactly how much I can spruce up in a week! 

How I conversion-ize your copy

Here’s what you can expect if we partner up:


1. Snag your spot 

By clicking on that purple button below!

2. Schedule your Copy Spruce-Up Week

After you make your purchase (smart choice!), I’ll give you a link to my calendar where you can reserve your Copy Spruce-Up Week. 

48 hours before

3. Fill out a brand questionnaire

I’ll send you a brand questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill out at least 48 hours before your week starts (so I have time to review your answers and let them sink in). 

Day #1 (Monday)

4. We jump on a Mini Messaging Intensive call

 We’ll hop on Google Hangouts and go over your answers. I’ll also explain the direction I have in mind for the copy based on your responses.

During your week

5. I spruce up the copy (while you relax) 

My conversion-obsessed brain gets to work, rewriting and perfecting your copy. 

Then I’ll revisit the copy several times over the next few days, until I feel 110% confident that the copy is optimized for conversions.

One week later

6. We Q & A 

One week later, I’ll send you the freshly baked, optimized-to-the-core copy. Then we’ll jump on a 30-minute Q & A call, where we’ll go over the copy together and you can ask me any questions you have. 

Up to one week after

7. You email me with follow-up questions

‘Cause you also get one week of full email support *after* the copy’s delivered. 

Price: $3,500

Ready to take your conversions from good... to sky-high?

Let’s be honest: You didn’t get into this biz to settle at a 2-3% conversion rate.

You did it to have a 15%-20% conversion rate (at least). 

So hand over that copy to a pro and let’s make those conversions the best they can possibly be, shall we? 

Still mulling things over?

These commonly asked questions (and answers) might help you make a decision. 

Great question! You can check out my availability here. 

Tell me about your project and I’ll let you know what’s doable in that timeframe. 

I like to work with companies who aren’t afraid to stand out and be different. Brands who like to have FUN with their copy.

If you make a purchase and then we both find out that we aren’t the best fit, no worries–I’ll send you an immediate refund. 

If you make a purchase and then are immediately like “oh crap, how am I going to keep the lights on this month?” then OF COURSE I will refund your money. I’ll also give you a refund if we aren’t a good fit. 

But once we start working together, I am unable to give refunds. Sorry! But I gotta keep the lights on too 🙂