The Copy Spruce-Up Week

Turn that blend of shoulder-shrugging blah into "TAKE ME TO CHECKOUT" 

Delivered in 7 days.

10X Sales Pages

If you want a sold-out launch...
then "so-so" copy isn't gonna cut it

Your copy has gotta be: 

  • Authentic (and sound like a real, live human — not a robot… or some sleazier-than-sleaze salesperson) 
  • Sticky (using not-seen-everyday words that grab your prospect’s attention from the get-go) 
  • Intentionally structured and formatted (so your message flows–and your ideal customers feel like you GET them) 

And based on…

  • Conversion copy best practices (like varied sentence structure…the Rule of One…eye-catching crossheads) 
  • Psychological tactics (like future pacing, serial positioning, bizarreness effect…) 
  • Data & voice-of-customer research (so it speaks to your customers deepest desires, pain-points and hesitations in the buying process) 

Now that’s a tall order right there.

Even with "good" copy, you're leaving money on the table

Your copy has gotta be better than “good.” It’s gotta be phe-nom-e-nal. 

Otherwise, you’re losing out on sales. It’s that simple.  

If you want your customers to choose YOU over competitors, then your copy needs to step up its game.

It’s gotta be so darn good that your curious readers are hanging on to every word…and racing to checkout by the end. 

Conversion-ize your copy

With the Copy Spruce-Up, I’ll comb through your copy and: 

✔️ Restructure the messages on the page (if needed)– so that your reader feels like they’re having a natural conversation with you (and they feel understood) 

✔️ Make the copy hyper specific and sticky (so your offer stays on your prospect’s mind looooong after they’ve read your copy) 

✔️ Make the crossheads attention-grabbing (so they grab even the most distracted readers) 

✔️ Remove the fluff (and make sure that each line of copy is moving readers to the “YES”) 

✔️ Simplify and clarify the copy (if needed), so that it’s easy-peasy for your readers to understand 


✔️ Add persuasive elements that’ll convince your readers your product is worth every dollar (and then some) 

✔️ Optimize (or add) those risk-reducers. So on-the-fence prospects will be convinced to buy 

✔️ Swap those “Sign up” CTAs for words that actually make the reader WANT to click 

✔️ Ensure that the messaging matches your prospect’s expectations (depending on where they’re coming from) 

✔️ Turn your offer into something your prospects simply can’t say no to

The end result? You’ll get copy that goes from: 

🌈 Flavorless to personality-poppin’

🌈 Jargon-filled to crystal clear

🌈 Watered-down to specific 

🌈 Loss-making to moolah-making 

All that…delivered in 7 days

Former clients have *raved* about my work (and I'm pretty sure you will too)

MARY! You killed it!! The edits you made were perfect! I am so happy with the current state. It reads so nicely, and you've added so much character to my old, boring copy. I actually do not have any additional feedback. I want to get this on the test site ASAP 🙂
Jake Agnew
CEO & Founder of Skincare Hero

Here's watchya get when you book a Copy Spruce-Up Week

✔️A questionnaire that’ll help me dig DEEP and reaaaaally get to know your brand, so I can craft that high-converting launch copy (bonus: you can pass this off to anyone you work with in the future and save time on all that get-to-know you stuff) 

✔️A Mini Messaging Intensive where we’ll meet on Zoom to pin down your offer and messaging 

✔️Ready-to-convert, zero-fluff conversion copy 

✔️ 30-minute Q & A sesh where we review the perked-up copy & next steps (and you can ask me any questions) 

"So what can you spruce up in a week anyway?"

An email sequence for your launch 

A sales page that takes your prospects from “meh maybe” to “HELL YES” 

3 pages of your website (to help you attract the perfect fit leads to your business) 

Send over your copy and I’ll let you know exactly how much I can spruce up in a week. 

How I inject the flavor into your copy


1. Snag your spot 

By clicking on that purple button below!

2. Schedule your Copy Spruce-Up Week

After you make your purchase (hooray!), I’ll give you a link to my calendar where you can reserve your Copy Spruce-Up week. 

48 hours before 

3. Fill out a questionnaire

I’ll also send you a brand questionnaire that I’ll ask you to fill out at least 48 hours before your week starts (so I have time to review your answers and let them sink in). 

Day #1

4. We jump on a Mini Messaging Intensive call  

We’ll jump on a Zoom call and go over your answers. I’ll also explain the direction I have in mind for the copy based on your responses. 

During your week 

5. I spruce up the copy (while you relax) 

My speed demon fingers and conversion-obsessed brain get to work, rewriting and perfecting your copy. 

Then I’ll revisit the copy several times over the next few days, until I feel 100% confident that the copy is optimized for conversions. 

One week later

6. We Q & A 

One week later, I’ll send you the freshly baked, optimized-to-the-core copy. Then we’ll jump on a 30-minute Q & A call, where we’ll go over the copy together and you can ask me any questions you have. 

Up to one week after

7. You email me with follow-up questions 

‘Cause you also get one week of full email support *after* the copy’s delivered 


Take your conversions from good...
to sky-high

Let’s be honest: You didn’t get into this biz to settle at a 2-3% conversion rate.

You did it to have a 15%-20% conversion rate (at least). 

So hand over that copy to a pro and let’s make those conversions the best they can possibly be, shall we? 

Still mulling things over?

These commonly asked questions (and answers) might help you make a decision. 

Great question! You can check out my availability here. 

Tell me about your project and I’ll let you know what’s doable in that timeframe. 

I like to work with companies who aren’t afraid to stand out and be different. Brands who like to have FUN with their copy.

If you make a purchase and then we both find out that we aren’t the best fit, no worries–I’ll send you an immediate refund. 

If you make a purchase and then are immediately like “oh crap, how am I going to keep the lights on this month?” then OF COURSE I will refund your money. I’ll also give you a refund if we aren’t a good fit. 

But once we start working together, I am unable to give refunds. Sorry! But I gotta keep the lights on too 🙂