The ROI Booster (aka the Copy Critique)

What if you *knew* what was costing you conversions - and how to change it?

Gimme your landing page, email sequence, ad strategy or sales funnel. 

And I’ll tell you how to optimize it for conversions.

10X Sales Pages

Sure, you *could* keep implemeting random changes, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best...

OR you could get personalized feedback from an expert who’s spent hundreds of hours training the art and science of conversion copywriting.

An expert who knows things like… the Rule of One… the “so what” and “prove it” tests…. AIDA and PAS formulas… the serial position effect… the bizarreness effect… the novelty effect… 

An expert who can look at your copy and tell you exactly what you need to do to take your prospects from “maybe…” to “HELL YES!”

Get actionable, high-converting feedback on your messaging and sales funnel

In the ROI Booster, I’ll get out my magnifying glass and scrutinize every inch of your ad strategy and copy (and even your design) to find out what’s working…and what’s not. 

Then I’ll get back to you with suggestions on how to make your copy convert like a madwoman. 

And no, not suggestions like “hmm, I think that this word miiiiight sound better.” 

No, no. I’ll give you unfiltered feedback based on conversion copy techniques, proven formulas, psychology and your data. Feedback that digs waaaaay beneath the surface. 

So you know exactly how to craft copy that tugs on your reader’s heartstrings, touches on their deepest pain points and hesitations, and gets them *excited* to hire you. 

I’ll also explain the *why* behind my recommendations, so you won’t be left wondering. 

Added bonus? I’ll rewrite one key section of your copy, so you’ll walk away with an *immediate* copy upgrade (no brain power required). 

"...I actually got more students, more leads, more people booking calls with me."

"Ok, so who are you anyway?"

Yup, that would be me in Pompeii

Hey! I’m Mary. Conversion copywriter and CRO Strategist for growing businesses and service-providers. Digital nomad. Coffee snob (I blame it on living in Colombia).


I’ve also…

+ been trained by the world’s best copywriters (liiiiike Joanna Wiebe and Ry Schwartz) 

+ spent far too many Saturdays immersed in psychology books and copywriting courses

+ gotten (and continue to get) my *own* copy critiqued by the world’s top copywriters. 

What copy do you need to conversion-ize?

I can review one of the following…

Your email sequence (up to 7 emails)
A few landing pages on your website
Your ad strategy & funnel

You get WAY more than just a copy critique

You’ll walk away with actionable feedback based on conversion copy best practices and customized to YOUR business. You’ll get…

+ Feedback on the: 

→ strategy 

 messaging hierarchy

→ copywriting and wording

→ persuasion techniques

→ offer

→ formatting & design 


+ A comprehensive Loom video walking you through all my suggestions 

+ A Google sheet compiling those suggestions (so you don’t have to worry about note-taking) 

+ A Google doc with recommended copy changes for one key section 

+ A 30-minute live Q & A session where you can ask me any questions you have

All that…delivered in 48 hours. 


Wanna see how it's done?

Then take a look at this mini sales page critique I recently did. 

Keep in mind that this video is a small sample of the review that you’d get! The ROI Booster is more in-depth, based on your data, and loaded with many more copy suggestions. 

My feedback has even helped other copywriters...

Mary offered fantastic insights into my sales page. She helped me clarify my messaging and optimize my page for better conversions. As a copywriter myself, I understand the value of getting a second pair of eyes on any offer. What I didn’t expect to discover was that elements of my own copy didn’t relay the value of my offer as succinctly as I hoped. This has been a hugely valuable experience for me and I recommend Mary’s evaluation to anyone looking to launch or boost conversions - even if you are a copywriter.
Abi Prendergast
Conversion Copywriter

In just 48 hours, you'll know what's tanking your conversions (and how to fix it)

Here’s how it works: 

1. You fill out a form

2. I review your copy

3. You ask me Qs

4. You make the edits

Once you purchase The ROI Booster, I’ll ask you to answer a few questions on your success metrics, challenges and target audience. That’ll help me give feedback that’s personalized to YOU and your  brand. 

With your answers and data in hand, I’ll analyze your copy and provide customized, actionable suggestions. I’ll also make copy changes to one key section and then put everything in a Google Drive folder for you to review.

After you review everything, we’ll chat for 30 minutes and you can ask me any questions you have about the feedback and next steps. 

Implementation time! Armed with my high-converting feedback, you and your team go and make the copy changes that’ll convince your audience that YOUR product or service is the best choice for them. 

Most people reading this will keep losing out on customers

They might go and make some haphazard tweaks to their copy (without knowing how they’ll impact conversions). 

They might even hire a cheap copywriter on Upwork. A darn good “creative writer” who majored in English–but doesn’t know a thing about writing copy that *converts.* 

And worst of all? They’ll continue to wonder things like…

Why isn’t this landing page converting?? 

Why is my CTR high but my conversion rate so low? 

Why am I getting so many unqualified leads? 

And they’ll continue to miss out on (qualified) leads, conversions and customers.

Wanna seal a different fate? 

One that gets you…

  • More leads
  • More conversions
  • And more customers

Then click that pretty purple button below and book the ROI Booster. 


"...that was incredible"