Get launch copy that makes ’em whip out their credit cards

Zero-guesswork, conversion copy for creative entrepreneurs

Uh oh…Is this you? 😬

→ You’re scared petrified of wasting dinero on blah, cookie-cutter copy and a launch strategy that…completely flops

→  You don’t have the time (or the energy) to spend on planning an entire launch and crafting killer sales copy 😩

→  You’re ready to hand off the burden to someone who actually knows what she’s doing (finally)

(drumroll please…)

This is where I come in…


Oh and the cherry on top?

From the research to the landing pages to the strategy and planning, I’ll handle everything from start to finish. So you get to sit back, relax and focus on the things that only YOU can do (or…kick off your work shoes and hop on the next flight to Costa Rica!).


I’m Mary.

I write launch copy for online course-creators like you.

But not just any ol’ launch copy. Colorful Spellbinding launch copy that resonates with prospects and makes them think “damn, how have I been missing out on this my whole life?!” 

How, you ask?

Through my three-step process: Research, write, refine.

First, I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat. I interview your stakeholders and customers and research until my brain hurts.

Then, I start the writing process, crafting copy that speaks your customers’ language. Copy based on proven formulas, data, and psychology. In other words, zero-guesswork copy that CONVERTS.

Lastly, I refine and tighten the copy until it meets my (and your) sky-high standards. The result? More leads. More clicks. And most importantly, more REVENUE.

Oh and the cherry on top? 

From the research to the wireframes, I’ll handle everything from start to finish. So you get to sit back, relax and focus on the things that only YOU can do (or…kick off your work shoes and hop on the next flight to Costa Rica!). 

“So HOW do you get me results?”

Good question! You’ve got every right to be skeptical. And you’ve probably been burned in the past, having spent a lotta money on launch copy only to hear…crickets.

I get it. Wasting money is the worst (I’ve been there).

So how do I ensure those results I mentioned?

Well, nobody can GUARANTEE results (if they do, they’re lying).

But I’ll get you the next best thing: Copy based on…

  • Data and voice-of-customer research (a LOT of it)
  • Tried-and-true formulas 
  • Psychology (‘cos copywriting is rooted in psychology)

And I’d be damned if that doesn’t get you results.

On my reading list

Nerd alert! When I’m not stringing words together, I’m reading psychology, marketing and copywriting books to improve my craft. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions by Dan Ariely
  • Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout

My point?

If we work together, you get a highly trained, overachieving copywriter bookworm that spends her free time geeking out over…copywriting.
I mean, seriously…What more could you ask for?

“Ok Mary, that’s great. But HOW can you help me?”


Loving the interrogation. Bring it on!

I can help you with…

Sticky launch copy & strategy

You need sticky, made-to-convert copy and a streamlined launch strategy that’ll help you connect with your audience and rake in a whole lotta moolah…while you sleep. 

I’ll craft personality-driven ad copy, landing pages and emails that’ll make your readers think “wow, this sounds like [insert best friend’s name]…how did they KNOW that?” In other words copy that turns those unsure prospects into confident customers.

Money-making email sequences

You need emails that will stand out in inboxes more crowded than a typical Mets game. Emails that your recipients will not only open but actually get EXCITED about.

I’ll create ridiculously enticing emails that will keep your recipients reading and clicking through no matter how many distractions they have on their hands (read: crying babies, Mets games or late-night phone calls from obnoxious telemarketers). 

Book My Day (aka The Copy 180)

Maybe you’ve got some copy already, but you need an expert to optimize the living daylights out of it. Or maybe you want killer copy STAT and the idea of waiting months to get on my calendar is more agonizing than a cancelled trip to Barbados (I feel your pain!).

Buy my day, and you’ll get high-performing copy delivered just in time for happy hour. 

don’t do blog posts, lead magnets, white papers or anything that’s not high-converting copy.

Why should ya work with a (nomad) copywriter like me? 

You’ll get copy based on science and data.

No guessing games here, folks. I rely on a (whole lotta) testing, data and psychology to craft copy that speaks the customers’ language and gets them EXCITED to buy (like, more excited than your dog is to see you after months apart).

You’ll get to sit back and watch Friends marathons. 

And not have to worry about micromanaging…or wondering  whether or not the project will get done. ‘Cos you’ll get a process-oriented copywriter that takes initiative and meets her deadlines (don’t let the “Nomad” thing fool ya).

You’ll get a well-schooled copywriter.

I’ve invested countless hours and a lot of moolah in my copywriting career to ensure that I get YOU a high return on your investment. I’m schooled in Copyhackers and have spent far too many Saturdays reading (copywriting books…what else?).

You’ll get wanderlust-driven copy.

World-famous copywriter, Joseph Sugarman, once said, “The best copywriters in the world are those who are curious about life, read a great deal, have many hobbies, like to travel…” Ya see? That “nomad” (and bookworm) thing really DOES work in your favor…

You’ll get your money’s worth. 

‘Cos I don’t rush through projects. Period. Once I finish that first draft, I go through a somewhat obsessive merry-go-round of revisions. And I don’t get off until the copy meets my (sky high) standards of perfection. 

Take your copy from plain vanilla to cookies n’ cream (with a cherry on top). 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for close to four years as she has worked inside our marketing agency. In addition to being a great writer, she is constantly learning and growing, has high attention to detail, and is always willing to take on new responsibilities. She’s reliable and a true team player, working very well with other members of our team as well as clients. I can’t recommend Mary enough.”

 Avin Kline, CEO & Co-founder of Success Agency & eScale Agency

Stop wasting money on run-of-the-mill copy

Come on now. Your business deserves the best.

So stop wasting those hard-earned dollars on meh copy that doesn’t convert and flaky freelancers that live up to their reputation by…disappearing for weeks without saying a word.

Time to find someone that’s going to:

✔️Dig DEEP to find out things like who your customers are, how they talk, and their challenges, pain points and hesitations in the buying process

✔️Communicate regularly to make sure we’re on the same page

✔️Not stop until it’s done RIGHT

Someone…like me.


Or you could close out of this browser for good (aka NOT work with me) and…

  • Bore your prospects to tears with lackluster copy that makes them leave your site and unsubscribe from your emails…FAST
  • Make your readers more confused than EVER about what your biz does and how you can help them
  • Hire another “copywriter” that writes pretty, nice-sounding words but doesn’t get you the one thing you need: RESULTS

Wanna avoid all that? Sure ya do. Let’s jump on a call and see if we’re a good fit.


Get schooled in copy 

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