Make your next launch a champagne-popping success

 With empathy-driven launch copy and strategy that sells out your course or program (and makes it the *only* choice for buyers). 

Psst: I've been trained by Copyhackers (and I got the badges to prove it)
10X Facebook Ads
10X Sales Pages

Go from "damn those crickets are loud" to "turn OFF the Stripe notifications"

Howdy! I’m Mary Bolling (it’s a double name—cause my mom was from the South—but you can call me Mary for short).

I help course creators and service-providers make BANK with tailored launch strategy and clear-as-day messaging. 

If you hire me, you’ll get *way* more than just a copywriter. You’ll get an inquisitive marketing strategist who will map out your entire launch funnel. And figure out how to take prospects from “meh, no thanks” to “where has this incredible person been all my life?!”

Translation: DON’T hire me if you’re looking for a “wordsmith” 

If all you need is a copywriter to churn out some pretty-sounding words (that may or may not sound like everyone else), then you’d be better off using Chat GPT (or hiring the cheapest copywriter you can find on Upwork). 

But if you’re looking for…

✅ An experienced conversion copywriter who relies on data, behavioral science, bucketloads of research and a proven process to deliver results 

✅ a long-term, ROI-focused partner whose #1 focus is on getting you more sales 

✅ Zero-guesswork, strategically placed messaging in each part of your launch funnel that moves your prospect closer and closer to the sale 

Colorful, scroll-stopping copy that stands OUT from the sea of sameness — and builds a genuine, long-lasting connection with your audience

Then I think we’re gonna be a good fit! 

Just a few of the confetti-throwing wins I've gotten for other clients

🎉A Google Ads campaign I led as CMO generated 3X the results the client was hoping for — at half the marketing budget (with a lead volume so high, my client had to hire more people) 

🎉A landing page I wrote increased conversions by 300% compared to the previous landing page written by another (non conversion) copywriter 

🎉Another landing page I wrote resulted in higher quality leads (cha ching) 

"The initial feedback from the website is higher than it’s ever been"

From barely any leads... to 15 signed clients in 1 month

We had used one marketing vendor and our own skills to attempt to generate a steady flow of a certain kind of lead. We were fairly unsuccessful. The vendor charged us almost $20,000 and delivered one lead. Our own efforts were more successful by far, but not consistent. Mary is very deliberate, professional, and methodical in her process. That process delivered unbelievable results for us where everything else had failed. Mary got us results beyond what anyone else could deliver and beyond our business's capacity to keep up; and that's just on the trial budget. We have more leads and more conversions than we'd frankly dreamed possible. I had a discussion with my partner today about expanding our hiring and taking on debt to meet the extra business. We signed about 15 new cases in one month. A great result would have been 3. A fantastic result would have been 5. These results are on track to change our business completely.
Tom Kayes
Attorney, Civil Rights Group

So... what kind of conversion copy do ya need?

For those on a tight timeline or budget…

Conversion Copy Intensive

The Sales Booster

The Copy Spruce-Up Week

Get high-converting launch copy delivered in one week flat (hellooooo ROI). 

Gimme your copy and I’ll tell you how to optimize the living daylights out of it — and get skeptical prospects frantically whipping out their credit cards.

I’ll transform that so-so landing page or email sequence into high-performing copy.  Delivered in (yup you guessed it) one week. 

For those who want research-intensive copy, with all the bells and whistles 

Complete Launch Copy and Strategy

Must-read Emails

Sell out your next launch with high-converting copy and tailored strategy. 

Upsell, cross-sell and convert more skeptical leads into loyal customers with must-read-every-word emails. 

I now value what you do more than when I first spoke to you. Words matter — it’s worth the spend.
Tony Munoz
Real Estate Investor

Spoiler alert: You're gonna LOVE working with a nomad copywriter like moi (*wink wink*)

Here’s why: 

You’ll work with a copywriter who digs hella deep

Rather than cram in 30 countries in 3 weeks, I prefer to slow travel and spend time actually living like a local in each country I visit. That way, I really get to know the people, culture and language.

I take the same deep-dive approach to research: Just like the countries I visit, I take the time to immerse myself in your brand and audience — so that I can craft a custom funnel strategy and messaging that makes your prospects feel deep-in-their-bones understood. 

legit work-from-home jobs
You’ll partner with a copywriter who can adapt to your brand 

When you’re traveling, you learn to adapt to new customs and cultures. And navigate your way through bumps in the road and unpredictable situations that you wouldn’t deal with living at home (French and Spanish bureaucracy, I’m talkin’ to you). 

That handy lil’ skill transfers over to my writing — so you’ll get a copywriter who will step in and adapt to YOUR brand, audience and voice. And (happily) incorporate your feedback. 

You’ll get empathy-driven copy (no gimmicks or sleazy tactics here)
Traveling exposes you to a potpourri of cultures, beliefs and ways of life. Which forces you to check your biases at the door. Broaden your perspective. And challenge what you think you know. 

In other words…

I know how to connect with YOUR unique audience and see things from their perspective.

The result? Empathetic copy that resonates with your target audience — and inspires them to take action. 

You’ll get a copywriter who knows how to tell a good story

“Traveling — it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Those were the famous words of Islamic traveller, Ibn Battuta. 

And I may be a lil biased… but I think he’s got a point. ‘Cause when you travel, every day becomes a new adventure. And a new story to tell.

Like… that time in Bali when I watched a monkey steal someone’s sunglasses in exchange for food. Or that time I moved to Rio de Janeiro by myself – without knowing a single soul. Or that time I rode pillion with an Italian guy around the Amalfi Coast (going so fast I thought those were my final moments)

Living those adventures has turned me into a better storyteller. And the icing on the cake? Those stories are a treasure trove of inspiration for the copy I write. 

You’ll get travel-inspired (aka creative) copy

What made Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and Jack Kerouac some of the greatest (and most creative) writers of all time? They all loved to travel. 

From the intoxicating aroma of street food in Bangkok to the colorful costumes and dancing of Rio carnival, traveling exposes you to new sights, sounds, smells, tastes and experiences. Which get those creative juices flowing — and inspire new ideas that I channel into my copywriting.

Don’t believe me? One study by the American Psychological Association confirmed that travel indeed boosts creativity.

You’ll get a curious copywriter who never stops learning (and optimizing) 

Did ya know that there’s a wanderlust gene (scientifically known as DRD4-7R)? People with this gene (like, ahem, yours truly) have an innate curiosity that drives them to travel and learn new things. 

That probably helps explain why…

I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to conversion copywriting training. And I’ve got a lifetime membership to Copy School. 

When it comes to your messaging strategy, I’m always testing. Optimizing. And looking for ways to improve. 

Got a 4X ROI on your last launch? Let’s see how we can get to 10X. Got a 10% conversion rate on that landing page? Let’s take it to 20. 

I've been called a "phenomenal copywriter"...just sayin'

"It's like you crawled inside my head to write that sales page"

I’m super excited about the page and the launch!! You’re awesome! It’s like you crawled inside my head to write that sales page, you really understand where I’m coming from and what I'm doing with my program. I can see the results of all of the hard work and research you’ve put in behind the scenes!
Kristen Blake
Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach

"I can't recommend Mary enough"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for close to four years as she has worked inside our marketing agency. In addition to being a great writer, she is constantly learning and growing, has high attention to detail, and is always willing to take on new responsibilities. She’s reliable and a true team player, working very well with other members of our team as well as clients. I can’t recommend Mary enough.
Avin Kline
Co-founder and CEO of eScale Agency
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