Zero guesswork copy that gets prospects to say "HELL YES!"

And gets YOU a big ol’ return on investment 

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Take your copy from plain vanilla
to cookies n'cream (with a cherry on top)

Howdy! I’m Mary Bolling (it’s a double name—cause my mom was from the South—but you can call me Mary for short).

I help coaches, online educators and creative entrepreneurs make BANK with clear-as-day messaging and custom-fit strategy. 

Think: colorful scroll-stopping copy that resonates with prospects and makes them think “Where has this incredible human been all my life?!”

Oh and that cherry on top?

While I’m hard at work, YOU get to spend more of your precious hours serving more people and doing what you do best. 

Or…kick off your work shoes, hop on the next flight to Costa Rica, and sip an ice-cold cerveza on the beach while you wait for those Paypal notifications to roll in. 

Your call. But either way…it’s kinda a win-win.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a *wordsmith*

I write conversion copy. Copy based on tried-and-true-formulas, voice-of-customer research and psychology. In other words, zero-guesswork, zero-fluff copy that CONVERTS.

(Pretty-sounding words optional. Prospect-speaking copy non-negotiable.)

"Ok Mary, sounds great and all. But what can you DO for me?"

Loving the interrogation! Bring it on. 

Launch copy & strategy

Wanna launch your online course or membership *sans* stress? 

Sure ya do (’cause I mean…it’s so much more fun to watch Black Mirror with the hubs than it is to plan out and write a bucketload of launch copy, dontcha think?). 

Whether you need your entire launch done for you or just the emails or sales page…you can count on yours’ truly to get it done RIGHT (helllooooo ROI). 

Website copy & brand messaging  

Want your website to become a 24/7 selling machine? 

I’ll help you tighten up and crystallize your messaging and then pull it all together into my signature Go-to Brand Messaging Guide.

Then, I’ll craft website copy so tantalizing that it hooks your readers from the get-go–and makes them forget about all the other open tabs screaming for their attention.  


Copy critique (aka The Copy 180) 

Need an expert’s eyes on your about-to-be-launched sales page, email sequence or website…like yesterday? 

Gimme whatcya got and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to optimize the living daylights out it–and get buyers scrambling to the checkout page.

Oh and the next best thing? You *don’t* have wait weeks or months to get on my calendar for this bad boy (hallelujah). 

Oh yeah..you can also get conversion copy delivered in a DAY

Need expertly crafted copy ASAP? 

You can book my day and get high-performing copy delivered just in time for happy hour.

Perfect if you wanna (finally!) tackle those bits and bobs that have been sitting on your to-do list for the past two months. 

I've been called a "phenomenal copywriter"...just sayin'

So....why should ya work with a (nomad) copywriter like moi?

Well I can think of a few reasons off the top of my head…

You’ll get a well-schooled copywriter

To date, I’ve invested 100+ hours and thousands of dollars in copywriting courses and masterminds. To ensure that I get YOU a high return on your investment. I’ve been schooled by Copyhackers and get my copy critiqued on the reg (’cause the best copywriters *never* stop learning and improving). 

You’ll get wanderlust-driven copy

World-famous copywriter, Joseph Sugarman, once said, “The best copywriters in the world are those who are curious about life, read a great deal, have many hobbies, like to travel…” Ya see? That “nomad” thing really *does* work in your favor.

You’ll get to sit back and watch marathons of Schitt’s Creek 

And not have to worry about micromanaging…or wondering  whether or not the project will get done. ‘Cause you’ll get a process-oriented copywriter that takes initiative and meets her deadlines (don’t let the “Nomad” thing fool ya).

You’ll get your money’s worth

‘Cause I don’t rush through projects. Period. Once I finish that first draft, I go through a somewhat obsessive merry-go-round of revisions. And I don’t get off until the copy meets my (sky high) standards of perfection. 

Stop throwin' dollahs down the drain with run-of-the-mill copy

Sure, you could close out of this browser window for good (aka not work with me) and continue to: 

❌ Bore your prospects to tears with lackluster copy that makes them unsubscribe from your emails…FAST

❌ Make your readers more confused than ever about what your offer is and how it can help them

❌ Hire another “wordsmith copywriter” that writes pretty, nice-sounding words but doesn’t get you the one thing you need: RESULTS 

OR you could hit that blue button below (aka work with me) and: 

✔️Get non-salesy copy that’ll have your prospects reading and clicking through all the way to the checkout page 

✔️Make it clear-as-day what your offer is and how it’s different 

✔️Work with a copywriter who will actually get you the results you need to make that 4-hour work week a reality

Soooo…what’s it gonna be? 

Psst: I've also been trained by the best (of the best)