Nail your brand voice with the…

Go-to Brand Messaging Guide


(so you can outsource and train those newbies…way faster) 

Ring any bells...?

  • You KNOW that you have an amazing brand and offer but struggle to put it all into words 
  • You feel like the way you’ve been speaking to your audience just isn’t resonating
  • You prefer to write your own copy but first want someone to do the VOC research and nail the foundational messaging 
If so…then The Go-to Brand Messaging Guide is whatchya need. 

"Go-to....what now?"

The Go-to Brand Messaging Guide is like the foundation of your messaging. Based on extensive voice-of-customer research, it’ll help define your brand’s voice and identity–and clarify your message across ALL touchpoints. 

So let’s say you hire a content writer who knows diddly squat about your brand. You can hand them the Go-to Brand Messaging Guide, so they have everything they need to start writing content that speaks your prospects’ lingo…STAT. 

The PDF guide includes things like your: 

  • Brand pillars 
  • Unique selling proposition 
  • Customers’ objections & dream state
  • Tag lines you can use throughout your messaging 
  • Brand story 

And so much more. 


How it all goes down

1. Research 

First, I hunker down and research. Like…a LOT. Think: Interviews with you, interviews with your customers, competitor review and analysis, survey, review and forum mining…and the list goes on. 

2. Analyze 

Next, I analyze the research, noting any commonalities or trends. I’ll also pick out the stickiest words and phrases I can find, straight from your ideal customer’s mouth. 

3. Write

I’ll use that research to craft the Go-to Brand Messaging Guide (aka your new best friend).

Not convinced you’re gonna love it?  Don’t worry–you’ll get unlimited revisions too. 

So whatdya say? Ready to turn those muddled thoughts into clearer-than-crystal messaging?