Scroll-stopping Website Copy 

Now your cold leads will finally GET what you do (and how you can help)

Warning: This copy will likely result in abnormally low bounce rates, long time on page and through-the-roof conversions

Captivate your prospects from the get-go

With website copy that: 

✔️is rooted in data, formulas and psychology (because this ain’t a darts game)

✔️crystallizes your message (so your prospects don’t have to guess for a single second what you do and how you can help them) 

✔️is sTiCky (so your readers will remember your story and brand loooooong after they’ve left your site) 

✔️speaks to your prospects’ internal problems (the deep-seated fears and frustrations that keep them up until 3:15AM)  

✔️responds to their objections and hesitations (so buying will be a no-brainer)

✔️speaks the language of your ideal customers (so they feel like they’re talking to their longtime BFF)

✔️uses an intentional messaging structure (that answers the questions your readers have as they’re scrolling down the page) 

✔️seduces your readers (but not in a gross bro marketer kinda way)

Ready to create a website that checks all those boxes? ​

"YES! But first...tell me what I *get* if we work together."

Great question! 

A (helluva) lot. We’re talking…

(Bucketloads of) research

Before writing a single word of copy, I’ll put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and research until my brain hurts. 

Two 60-minute calls with you

We’ll kick things off with two 60-minute Zoom calls, where I’ll ask you a LOT of questions (and you’ll give me insightful answers). 

Customer survey

I’ll send out a survey to your customers so we can find out aaaalllll about them. 

3-5 customer interviews

I’ll interrogate interview your customers to find out their deepest motivations, hesitations and pain points. I’ll jot down the words they use and the way they speak, so I can later craft copy that speaks directly to THEM.

User testing

This’ll help us find out what complete strangers (like your ideal customer) think of your website and messaging. 

Data mining

I’ll dig through all the data you can provide me with (Instagram convos, heatmaps, customer support requests…you name it). 

Review & forum mining

I’ll also hunt for reviews that your ideal customers have left for similar products. I’ll browse through forums and groups they’re in to get a feel for their day-to-day struggles and aspirations.

Competitor analysis

This is where I do a lil’ spying on your competitors to find out what they’re doing right and what you can do even *better*. 

(come to think of it…*truckloads* of research is prolly a little more accurate) 

Research synthesis report

Only wayyyy much more exciting than that report you did for your 11th grade AP History class.

This baby pulls together all the main takeaways from the research I’ve done–so you know exactly what’s going through your customers’ minds before, during and after their purchase decision. 

Go-to Brand Messaging Guide (aka the ULTIMATE time-saver)

This baby pulls together all research into a comprehensive PDF guide that’ll help you ensure a consistent voice across all touchpoints.

Sooo let’s say you hire a content writer down the road. You can hand this guide off to them so they know right off the bat everything they need to know about your brand and voice. And *you* don’t have to waste hours getting them up to speed.  

Includes things like…

✔️Brand pillars (and proof)

✔️Unique selling proposition

✔️Brand story (based on the Storybrand framework)


✔️And much more

One client’s reaction to the last messaging guide I created? “Wow, you’re good at this…you’re able to put into words what we’ve never been able to.” 

These lovely peeps were pretty impressed too…


K, where was I? Oh right. You’ll also get…


SEO website copy

Think: High-converting SEO website copy based on the keywords we want to rank for. 

Design direction & wireframes

I’ll hand over a site map and wireframes (so your designers won’t have to guess what copy goes where on the page). I’ll also collaborate with your designer and provide any guidance as needed. 

Unlimited revisions

Got a change…or two…or 100…you’d like me to make? 

No prob. I provide unlimited revisions up until the copy goes live on the website (but most of my clients don’t have a lot of changes to make).

"...you've added so much character to my old, boring copy."

MARY! You killed it!! The edits you made were perfect! I am so happy with the current state. It reads so nicely, and you've added so much character to my old, boring copy. I actually do not have any additional feedback. I want to get this on the test site ASAP 🙂
Skincare Hero
CEO & Founder