Bad news? There's a good chance you're missing out on sales. Right now.

Good news? I’ll help ya change that. With personality-packed conversion copy that hooks your prospects’ attention from the get-go, builds a long-lasting connection and inspires ’em to take ACTION.

Take a look at just a few incredible clients I’ve worked with 

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Take your copy from plain vanilla
to cookies n'cream (with a cherry on top)

Howdy! I’m Mary Bolling (it’s a double name—cause my mom was from the South—but you can call me Mary for short).

I help nonconformist entrepreneurs make BANK with clear-as-day messaging and custom-fit strategy. 

Think: colorful scroll-stopping copy that resonates with prospects and makes them think “Where has this incredible human been all my life?!”

Oh and that cherry on top?

While I’m hard at work, YOU get to spend more of your precious hours serving more people and doing what you do best. 

Or…kick off your work shoes, hop on the next flight to Costa Rica, and sip an ice-cold cerveza on the beach while you wait for those Paypal notifications to roll in. 

Your call. But either way…it’s kinda a win-win.

Disclaimer: I’m NOT a “wordsmith”

I write conversion copy. Copy based on tried-and-true-formulas, voice-of-customer research and psychology. Zero-guesswork, zero-fluff copy that CONVERTS.

(Pretty-sounding words optional. Prospect-speaking copy non-negotiable.)

What kind of conversion copy do ya need?

The Full Launch Funnel 

Best if: You want to sit back, relax and let an expert handle everything for you 

The Sales Booster

Best if: You prefer to DIY (or don’t have the budget for a done-for-you project) but still want expert feedback on your copy 

The Copy Spruce-Up 

Best if: Your copy is already written but you want an extra set of conversion-focused eyes on it 


I’ll map out your entire sales funnel and figure out exactly what to do to turns those cold leads into buyers. 

Oh and I’ll also write all the sales copy to go along with it (helllooooo ROI). 

Gimme whatcya got and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to optimize the living daylights out of your copy –and get buyers frantically whipping out their credit cards. 

Get high-performing spruced up copy delivered in (yup you guessed it) one week. 

I've been called a "phenomenal copywriter"...just sayin'

"It's like you crawled inside my head to write that sales page"

I’m super excited about the page and the launch!! You’re awesome! It’s like you crawled inside my head to write that sales page, you really understand where I’m coming from and what I'm doing with my program. I can see the results of all of the hard work and research you’ve put in behind the scenes!
Kristen Blake
Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach

I've been trained by the best
(of the best)

10X Facebook Ads
10X Sales Pages

"I can't recommend Mary enough"

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary for close to four years as she has worked inside our marketing agency. In addition to being a great writer, she is constantly learning and growing, has high attention to detail, and is always willing to take on new responsibilities. She’s reliable and a true team player, working very well with other members of our team as well as clients. I can’t recommend Mary enough.
Avin Kline
Co-founder and CEO of eScale Agency