Get high-converting email strategy + launch sequences 

aka the…

Email-only Launch

Minimum viable?
Pshh yeah, not so much

Newsflash: Even with a minimum viable launch, there’s a LOT to think about. 

What emails should you send and when? How long should they be? How do you segment them? How do you prime your prospects to buy? How do you counter their objections and convince them that your product or membership will transform their lives? 

To make matters worse, those swipe files and templates you’ve accumulated somehow still leave you staring at an empty Google doc and a blinking cursor that’s endlessly taunting you: write, write, write. 

But the words don’t come out. Or when they do come out, it’s all a bunch of jibberish. 

You KNOW you have a kick-ass product that’ll change your readers’ lives for the better. But whenever you write about your offer, your copy reads like some put-me-to-sleep 3AM infomercial…or a cheesy, eye-rolling motivational quote.

Close out that Google doc. And wipe off the sweat beads, pal. 

Whether you’re…

…ready to launch your product (like YESTERDAY) and don’t have the time to wait for a Full Launch package

…on a tighter budget that just won’t allow for all the bells and whistles 

…are launching a smaller program that you want to offer to email subscribers only (#VIPStyle) 

you can hand off that big ol’ email launch burden to me. 

You relax. I'll craft the goods.


→ an intentional email launch strategy, tailor made for YOUR business.

attention-grabbing subject lines that’ll stand out more than a beer vendor at a Yankees game.

→ launch copy that’s relatable and bursting at the seams with personality. Copy that’ll make your readers think “wow, this sounds like [best friend’s name]…how did they KNOW that?” Copy that’ll turn those unsure prospects into confident customers.

While I’m hard at work, YOU can focus on the things that you do best. Liiiiike polishing your soon-to-be-released product. Or (being the overachiever that you are)…brainstorming the next one. 


It may be "email only," but it ain't skimpy

Here’s what ya get: 

Research & planning

Two 60-minute calls with you

Ready for a lil’ interrogation? We’ll kick things off with two 60-minute Zoom calls, where I’ll ask you a LOT of questions (and you’ll give me insightful answers). 

Customer survey

We’ll send out a survey to your customers to find out aaaalllll about them. 

3-5 customer interviews

Before putting pen to paper, I’ll also interview your customers to find out their deepest motivations, hesitations and pain points. I’ll jot down the words they use and the way they speak, so I can later craft copy that speaks directly to THEM.

Data mining

I’ll dig through all the data you can provide me with (Instagram convos, heatmaps, customer support requests…you name it). 

Review & forum mining

I’ll also hunt for reviews that your ideal customers have left for *other* products (Amazon is an absolute GOLD mine for this). I’ll browse through forums and groups they’re in to get a feel for their day-to-day struggles and aspirations.

Competitor analysis

This is where I do a lil’ spying on your competitors to find out what they’re doing right and what you can do even *better*. 

Email funnel & strategy

Once the research is done, I’ll plan out the emails to send, who to send them TO, and when to send them. 

Lotsa (email) copy

Email sequences

You’ll get 15-25 fun-to-read emails, from segmentation and confirmation to post-purchase followup. Emails that’ll get your recipients nodding their heads and scrambling to click that buy button.

Support & optimization

Video walk-through

Don’t worry. I’m not just gonna hand you a Google doc and peace out. I’ll also send you a Loom, walking you through each piece of copy, so you understand the reasoning behind it all. 

Launch support

Message me ANYtime during launch week. I’ll be there. 

Launch debrief

We’ll unpack your launch to find out what worked well and what could be improved upon the next time around. ‘Cause let’s be honest: there’s always room for more sales.

Unlimited revisions

I offer unlimited revisions as well, so if you aren’t *ecstatic* with the copy, I’ll revise until you are. 

How the fun goes down

Take a look at my four-step process to success. 

1. Voice-of-customer research

I’ll start by interviewing you and your customers. Then, I’ll comb through your existing data, spy on your competitors and do some more research of my own (like…reviewing customer support emails, chat logs, forums, customer reviews…the whole nine yards). 

2. Copy

With data and research in hand, I’ll get to work crafting those launch emails using copy that speaks your readers’ lingo and gets them READY to buy your product

3. Launch 

With all your copy in a Google doc ready to go, you or your VA just need to copy and paste. And then… schedule! Throughout the launch, I’ll be obsessively checking regularly monitoring results and there to answer any questions you have.

4. Debrief

We’ll jump on a call after the launch to go over your numbers. We’ll talk about what went well (and why) and what we could do even better next time around. 

So...ready to get an email launch strategy + copy that reels in those buyers?