Hiking Around Paraty & Surrounding Beaches

While I was living in Rio, one of my best and oldest friends from home, Mareill, came to visit me to help me celebrate my 27th birthday.

As if visiting me wasn’t enough, as a birthday gift, she generously treated me to a three-day hiking trip around Paraty, a small coastal colonial town in the state of Rio de Janeiro. I know, I have some pretty awesome friends.

Mareill hired a guide to accompany us on the trip (highly recommend doing that if you decide to go!).

Getting to Paraty from Rio

To get to Paraty, we all woke up before the crack of dawn (around 3AM) and hopped on a bus from Rio, which was about five hours away.


From there, we got on an adorable-looking boat and headed to a nearby beach, where we started the hike.

The beautiful pink boat we took

Paraty runs along the coastline (Costa Verde) of the state of Rio and is surrounded by untouched beaches and lush green mountains and forests.

During the boat ride, we passed by little islands like this one…

And about an hour later, we finally reached the beach where we started the hike…

I know. And to think: That’s not even photoshopped.

Livin’ the simple life

While the beaches weren’t entirely secluded (there were actually people living on and near the beaches), they felt completely cut off from civilization. Gotta say: It was a nice escape. I felt like I had stepped back in time.

After the first day of hiking, we set up camp at a campsite, where a local of the area prepared and served us a homemade dinner. We were both so exhausted that we passed out shortly afterwards, at around 7PM.

Our campsite the first night

The next day, we hiked by some jaw-dropping landscape…

And that evening, after a long day of hiking, we finally arrived at our next destination: an adorable, bustling little village (well, comparatively anyway).

Bar/restaurant on one of the beaches

For dinner, we went to a local villager’s home, where a woman cooked us yet another meal. Something I could definitely get used to!

And we spent the night in a tiny house that had just a bathroom and a bedroom.

The next day, we woke up early again for a third (and final) day of hiking, which led us to even more picture-perfect beaches.

And towards the end of our hike, we finally reached the best view of all…

We hiked down to the bottom of the trail and arrived at yet another little beach village (perhaps the biggest one yet).

One of the beach bars/restaurants on the last beach we trekked through
A school on the beach
Loving the creativity here
Bathroom/outdoor sinks of one of the homes

After a little much-needed R & R, we were off once more to start the last leg of the hike.

One final view before leaving

Once we finally finished the hike, we caught a bus back to Paraty, where we explored a bit more before heading back to Rio.

To go or not to go?

GO! Even if you don’t make it to the beaches, Paraty itself is definitely worth a visit. The historic center of the town is so picturesque, what with it’s narrow, cobblestone streets and whitewashed, red-roofed buildings adorned by colorful doors and windows.

Cars are prohibited, so people get around by horse and carriage or bicycle. It looks a little something like this…

I mean seriously, how can you not fall in love with that place?

After the sunset, we caught the bus back to Rio. It was hard to leave this beautiful paradise, but it’s hard to complain when your home looks like this…

hiking Paraty
Morro Dois Irmoes, Rio de Janeiro

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