The Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit:
A copywriting course for beginners 

Want to become a copywriter but have NO idea where to start (and barely any money to invest in a copywriting course)?

You’re in the right place.  

If you search for "copywriting course for beginners" in Google, you'll get over 3 million results

Enter… complete overwhelm.  Where do you even begin?! 

You know you don’t want to overload your brain with information right off the bat (unless you wanna get on the fast track to burnout).

Plus, you may not be able to invest thousands of dollars in paid copywriting training. Or you don’t want to… yet (at least not until you know that this whole copywriting thing will pay off). 

Look, I know the feeling. When I started out as a freelance copywriter in 2020, I felt SO overwhelmed by all the information out there. I figured a lot of it out on my own. First by devouring as many books and blog posts as I could. And eventually investing in paid copywriting training. 

But by the end, I still had one big question looming over my head: 

How do I get clients?! 

I would have given anything for someone to walk me through THE most important things I need to know about copywriting — and how to use those skills to land clients. 

And that’s why I co-created the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit. THE copywriting course for beginners. 

More on that in a sec. But first, lemme introduce myself (aka that “why you should trust me” part)….

Heyy! I’m Mary. Free spirit & nomad copywriter 

I got my first taste of freedom when I started working for a remote-based digital agency in 2016.  

That job allowed me to live and work from places like Buenos Aires, Argentina; Medellin, Colombia; Florianopolis, Brazil; and my current home of Barcelona, Spain (where I’ve been since 2018). 

copywriting course for beginners

But in 2020, I decided that I wanted more freedom. 

The freedom to charge my own rates. 

Freedom to work however many hours I wanted to (and not just work 8 hours for the sake of working). 

Freedom to take time off to spend with my family and friends whenever I felt like it (without asking a boss for PTO). 

Freedom to spend several months traveling around SE Asia (and working just enough to get by). 

And so after 4 years of working 40-hour workweeks… I left the agency and became a full-time freelance copywriter. 

I went from making $23/hour...to $110+/hour. In my first year as a freelance copywriter

And I landed projects like:

➡️ An $850 blog post and other content for 35 cents per word (when most people charge around .05 cents per word)
➡️ A $3k website copy project (for just 3 web pages)
➡️ An $8k launch funnel (for my very first launch!)
➡️ A $4k sales page (for the very first long-form sales page I did)

And you wanna know the best part?

I did it all without showing any results, portfolio or testimonials. And without relying on a single referral.

So if you’re thinking I’d love to be a freelance copywriter…and travel the world. Sounds like a dream come true. But don’t I need experience…or results…or testimonials…or a portfolio to land projects?

Nope. You don’t need any of it.

BUT (another big “but” here) — you do have to a) understand the basics of copywriting and then b) PROVE to the client that you’re worth every dime you’re charging (and then some).

Wanna learn how to do that?

If so, then you’re gonna love what’s coming next.

Fellow copywriter, Abi Prendergast, and I have taken our nomad experience and combined 10+ years of marketing knowledge — along with everything that we’ve learned as freelance copywriters — and poured it all into…

The Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit

The copywriting course for beginners. And step-by-step guide to becoming a digital nomad copywriter.

Inside, you’ll learn how to master the copywriting basics, land your first clients, and become a digital nomad (even if you aren’t quite sure what “copywriting” means).

K so let's break that down. You'll get...

A 3-in-1 eBook packed with real-life examples

Master the copywriting basics (VALUE: $97)

So you wanna be a copywriter. But you don’t have a clue HOW to write copy. 

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started.

Find out:  

+ The different types of copy you can write 

+ The easiest (and most effective) way to get your copy written FOR you 

When to use features to sell a product…and when to use benefits 

+ How to write copy that makes your prospects want to read every. single. word.

+ How the “barstool test” can help you determine if your copy is conversational enough 

+ Examples of good copy (that’ll get ideal prospects to open their wallets)…and bad copy (that’ll make them run for the hills) 

All that and soooo much more!

Land your first clients (VALUE: $97)

How do you get clients when you have no personal network…no experience…no portfolio…and no testimonials?
We’ll tell you how we did it. Discover how to: 
+ Stand out from the sea of Upwork sameness and get your proposals read and responded to 
+ Send cold emails that get “YES!” responses from dream clients (hint: they don’t care about your name or where you’re from) 
+ Use Facebook groups to get clients (fun fact: Abi has generated over $25k+ in client work from Facebook groups alone) 
+Run a discovery call with a sales lead (+ tactics for the camera-shy) 

Become a digital nomad (VALUE: $97)

So you’re ready to become a digital nomad huh? 

Before packing your bags, find out what we’ve learned from a combined 10+ years of work-and-travel life. 

+ A  few ways that you can travel without spending a dime on accommodation (and other tips for nomading on a shoestring) 

+ How to look professional on client calls (it’s not as simple as just brushing your hair and smiling on camera) 

+ Little-known productivity hacks that’ll make sure you get work DONE on the go 

+ Best digital nomad destinations for 2022 

Get that shit DONE with end-of-module checklists

"I'm already putting into action what I've learned...and it's working!"

Abi and Mary have covered all of the topics you need to know when you are just starting out in the copywriting biz, in a way that is super accessible and inspiring. This kit has given me the tools, tips and tricks I needed to start getting paid work straight away, and the confidence to put myself in front of prospective clients. I’m already putting into action what I’ve learned and…it’s working! These ladies have created something genuinely special that will no doubt help countless aspiring copywriters as they embark on their journeys to Nomad-hood. Thank you!
Holly James
Brand new copywriter

Watch how we do it with these never-seen-before video tutorials



Find out the different types of copy you NEED to know 

(VALUE: $27) 

From landing page to squeeze page to web page…and everything in-between 


Watch how I do a copy audit that gets ice-cold prospects EXCITED to work with me

(VALUE: $17) 

And how YOU can show prospective clients that you know what you’re talking about…and are worth that premium dollar


See how Abi closes a $2k deal 

in 15 minutes 

(VALUE: $27) 

This 14-minute video will help you shake off those jittery nerves and go into the call confident AF 



Create a $40 Facebook ad in just 5 minutes 

(VALUE: $37) 

Psst: That’s a $480 hourly rate 

Start writing copy TODAY with 6 insanely valuable resources

This lil’ PDF will help you craft those swoon-worthy headlines that make your client go “HOW did you come up with this?!” 

VALUE: $27

I’ll share the templates that have gotten me those excited “YES I want to work with you” responses from dream clients and partners who never even knew I existed. Including one cold email template that made me $4200+ (and counting). From a single client. 

VALUE: $27

Could be a little awkward if your client uses a marketing word that you aren’t familiar with and you’re like “huh?” 

This phrasebook will help you avoid cringey situations like that and show clients that you know your stuff. 


Find out the 35 questions that’ll help you get to know your client’s brand inside and out — and craft the copy that makes them go “did you inhabit my brain or something??”

VALUE: $27

Run through this checklist after you write copy so you can feel confident that it’ll connect with your readers (and get your client’s stamp of approval). 

VALUE: $27

This list of FREE copywriting resources will help you take your copywriting game to the next level.


Add high-converting ad copy to your arsenal with this nifty FB ads formula.

VALUE: $37

Get support inside the private Nomad Copywriter Facebook group (VALUE: PRICELESS)

…where you can ask questions, connect with other like-minded humans and get the support you need to hit the ground running 

Total value: $563

NOW only $97 $47

(Seriously! All that for just 47 bucks)

"This Starter Kit has given me the confidence to reach out to clients without feeling like a greasy used car salesman"

Overwhelmed, anxious and outta my depth... this is exactly how I felt after investing in various other "get-rich-quick" copywriting courses. But the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit is breath of fresh air. Not only is it pitched at my level (wet-behind-the-ears-newb here… hollaaa) BUT Abi and Mary pass on their expertise in an accessible (beginner-friendly) way. And the best part? like These guys are in the trenches with you. They aren’t wanna-be “gurus” - copywriting is what they do day in, day out. They’ve made the mistakes (so you don’t have to). They’ve got the results. And they’re willing to give you everything they know for a measly 47 buckaroos. (I mean, the bonuses are worth that alone!) I know it sounds cheesy, but I genuinely feel like this course was created specifically for me. This Starter Kit has given me the confidence to reach out to clients without feeling like a greasy used car salesman – and actually GET PAID TO WRITE! So, if you’ve ANY interest in getting paid (decent money) to write words whether you’re on the beach in Bali or sitting at your parents’ house in your tighty-whities - snap this up NOW! (seriously, I’d do it before they realise it’s *easily* worth 5 times as much)
Rob Craig
Once-overwhelmed freelance copywriter

Take a stroll around inside

Brought to you by two conversion copywriters

copywriting course for beginners

My dear friend, Abi Prendergast, is a launch copywriter who has generated multi-six figures for her clients. She’s obsessed with writing sales copy that gets readers leaping off the fence and racing to the checkout page. Abi loves hostel-hopping, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and teaching creative thinkers how to write copy that converts.

Welp, I think I already introduced myself…but lemme give you the skinny. I’m Mary (Blackiston). Conversion copywriter for SaaS and tech companies who aren’t afraid to go against the grain. I’ve been a digital nomad since 2016 and a nomad for 10+ years. I love languages, plant-based food and (well, duh) traveling. 

We're kiiinda a big deal (*wink wink*)

Tara bought the kit...and her head stopped spinning for the first time in months

When I bought the guide, I’d already purchased some great copywriting training. But I found myself overwhelmed with the depth & technicality. I needed something simple & accessible to give me the steps I needed in order to start. The Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit was exactly what I needed. I went old school & printed off the action step pages & have already happily checked off steps. I read through it twice & got to work, no longer feeling like my head was spinning for the first time in months! Now i’m researching where to spend a few months with my family this fall, putting my skills & newfound freedoms to use. The kit is super cute, but also super clear. It’s a great way to hit the ground running & move toward your dreams. Thanks Abi & Mary!”
Tara Lassiter
Freelance copywriter

"K so tell me Abi and Mary...how much can I make as a nomad copywriter?"

We’re not gonna sell you on the “get rich quick” thing (although if you find out how to do that, lemme know!).

What we *are* selling here will introduce you to a career that’ll allow you to be your own boss, work from anywhere and scale to the level that YOU want. 

Ya see, one of the great things about copywriting is that you can work 10 hours per week, with just enough money to get by…or you can work full-time and bring in $30k a month.

To give you an idea…

Many experienced copywriters charge $2,000+ for their day (which comes out to an hourly rate of $250!). Some copywriters charge double (and even triple) that rate.

Say whaaaaaat? 

Seriously. There’s basically no income cap as a copywriter. 

But…you obviously can’t charge $2,000 a day right off the bat. I charged $50/hour when I was just starting out as a freelance copywriter. Then slowly raised my rates as I gained more experience and got more training under my belt. 

The bare minimum you should charge is $25/hour. As you gain more confidence (and experience), slowly up your rates.

Ben went from $30 blog posts to $750 sales pages (!!)

I'm super impressed with the value of this course. It covers a huge range of copywriting skills and it's shown me how to go about finding my own clients too. I no longer write endless blog posts now than I can earn more doing one or two sales pages instead. I highly recommend this to anyone who's even remotely curious about copywriting. This training will show you the way!!
Ben Saffell
Content Writer & aspiring nomad copywriter

Go from "where do I start!?" to
"Ok I finally get it!"

If you’re ready to jump-start your copywriting career and a life where you get to…

🔥 Call the shots and set your own rates (instead of begging your boss for a raise) 

🔥 Work your own hours (and roll outta bed at 10AM or 11AM if you feel like it) 

🔥 Build something that is all. yours.

🔥 Hop on a plane to Indonesia or hell, move to Costa Rica next month just ’cause ya feel like it 

copywriting course for beginners

Then you’re gonna LOVE what’s inside the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit. 

Questions other aspiring copywriters had before saying "heck no" to overwhelm and "hell yes" to a life of freedom and moolah-making

Short answer? YES. 

There are SO many nonnative English-speaking copywriters that make a good amazing living writing copy in English (think: $10k+ months).

If you aren’t 100% confident in your English, you could always hire a proofreader or editor on Upwork to review your copy before you send it to the client. 

Or…if you prefer to write in your native language, that’s always an option too! 

Whatever language you end up writing copy in, this kit will give you the skills you need to nail the copywriting basics, land your first projects and (yup, you guessed it) become a digital nomad. 

Yes! So you have pleeeeenty of time to go through everything. And you can refer back to the kit any time you need for a little refresher. 

Another plus side to that whole lifetime access thing? 

The price of this kit is probably gonna go up soon (nope that’s not some fake urgency tactic…we really mean that). So if you buy now, you can lock in this super low price and continue to get access to the kit as we optimize (and who knows, maybe even add more value-packed resources down the road).

Nope. I live in Spain and Abi lives in England, but most of our clients are in the US. 

The beauty of running your own freelance biz is that you get to work when YOU want to. Flexible clients will understand that you aren’t available 24/7 (and if they *do* expect that…RUN. Far, far away).

So long as you can make yourself available for certain hours of the week (to communicate with the client), then it shouldn’t matter if you have a 12-hour time difference or a 2-hour time difference.  

Due to the low price of the product and the fact that it’s digital, we don’t give refunds. If you have any questions about the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit, please feel free to shoot me an email at mary@nomadcopywriting.io

There is none (promise). We believe that this bundle is worth at least 5 times that — but we want to make the price accessible for everyone. Even if you have thousands of $$ in debt and no money to invest. 

Is the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit right for you?


Maybe not...

✅ You want to build a lucrative career that will allow you to work from anywhere 

✅ You feel burnt out by your current job and are ready to break free from the 9-to-5

✅You’re looking for a copywriting course for beginners (one that breaks down, step-by-step, how to become a digital nomad copywriter)

❌ You’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme 

❌ You expect to make $300/hour on your very first project (psst: don’t worry, you’ll get there!) 

❌ You already know how to become a digital nomad copywriter 

Sure, you *could* keep reading blog post after blog post and eventually get the skills and know-how to land your first copywriting client...

OR you could grab the Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit today and get everything you need in one simple how-to guide. With lifetime access to all of THIS:

nomad copywriter starter kit

114-PAGE 3-in-1 EBOOK 

  • Master the copywriting basics 
  • Land your first clients (without experience) 
  • Become a digital nomad


  • The different types of copy you NEED to know 
  • How to audit copy (so you can show prospective clients that you’re worth that premium dollar) 
  • How to create a Facebook ad in 5 minutes (the same one that Abi uses to charge $40/ad) 
  • How to run a sales call (and close the deal) with a potential client 


  • Headline swipe file 
  • Cold email templates for landing clients + scoring partnerships 
  • Essential copywriting phrases
  • Client questionnaire 
  • The “is my copy any good?” checklist
  • Copywriting resource list 

$97 $47

"This kit breaks it all down into something accessible that I can understand. "

I've just dug into the second section and I'm really loving it so far! The kit breaks it all down into something accessible that I can understand. Becoming a copywriter no longer feels impossible. I can see the first steps really clearly laid out. I'm going to continue working through and taking notes. Thanks so much for this. I really appreciate you both!
Sadie Willis
Music journalist & aspiring nomad copywriter