Launch copy & strategy

Pick your poison...

Full launch copy & strategy

Ready to hand over your launch to an expert? 

I’ll plan out your entire launch funnel and craft sticky copy to go along with it. Copy that’ll help you connect with your audience and rake in a whole lotta moolah…while you sleep.

Long-form sales page? Check. Launch trigger landing pages? Check. Email sequences? Check. Launch support and debrief? Check, check. 

Email only launch 

Don’t have the time or the budget to spend on a Full Launch? I gotcha covered, boo.

I’ll craft email sequences so resonating that your recipients will pause their latest binge-watch—and SCRAMBLE to click that “buy now” button.

Think: 15-25 hooked-from-the-first-line, can’t-stop-reading emails, from segmentation and confirmation to post-purchase followup.

Sales page copy

Need a sales page that ummm…sells?! 

I’ll write a long-form sales page that hooks your readers’ from the very first line–and then slowly reels them in for the sale. 

So…how long exactly? However long it needs to be to get the job done (such an annoying answer, I know). But you can expect around 5,000 words of zero fluff, high-converting copy.